FPRRD claims to know Quiboloy's whereabouts

Former President hints at undisclosed information; Police urge context amid potential legal implications
In this file photo, former president Rodrigo Duterte attended the birthday celebration of Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on April 25, 2023.
In this file photo, former president Rodrigo Duterte attended the birthday celebration of Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) founder Pastor Apollo Quiboloy on April 25, 2023.SMNI News/File Photo

FORMER President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (FPRRD) recently claimed he has information on the whereabouts of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, founder of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJC), despite denying involvement in April regarding Quiboloy’s human trafficking charges. 

Duterte made these remarks during a media interview at the Maisug rally in Tacloban City on June 30, 2024, hinting he knew Quiboloy’s location but declined to disclose it.

“Ayaw siguro ni Pastor mag-surrender, eh magtago ka na lang. Pero kung tanungin mo saan si Pastor, alam ko. Alam ko kung san si Pastor, pero secret (Maybe Pastor doesn’t want to surrender, so just hide. But if you ask where the Pastor is, I know. I know where the Pastor is, but it’s a secret),” Duterte said.

However, Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesperson Colonel Jean Fajardo emphasized in a national briefing that they have yet to investigate Duterte’s statement. 

Fajardo underscored the need to understand the context of Duterte’s words, considering potential legal implications for anyone withholding information about a wanted person.

“I have to take it in context sa sinasabi niya kailangan ko makausap kung sino ang mga nakausap niya. Ito ba ay sinabi nya just to tease yung kaharap niya? Or joke lang po? Kailangan natin makuha yung konteksto ng kanilang pag uusap because obviously na ang isang tao na alam ang kinaroroonan ng isang wanted person may be held liable of obstruction of justice (I need to understand the context of what he said and speak with those he spoke to. Did he say this to tease someone in front of him, or was it just a joke? We must grasp the context of their conversation because someone who knows the whereabouts of a wanted person could be held liable for obstruction of justice)," Fajardo added, acknowledging that Duterte's statement may have been a joke.

In April, Duterte humorously invited the media to search Quiboloy’s compound with him after a press conference, joking about the size of the estate and the possibility of Quiboloy hiding there. 

“Let me educate all of you. Ang Tamayong, malaki yan. Sa loob maraming bahay, I’m sure sa isang bahay nandyan siya. Every bahay should be a different search (Let me explain. Tamayong is large, with many houses inside. I’m certain he is in one of them. Each house should be searched separately),” he said.

Duterte also stated that he shouldn't be involved in Quiboloy's issues since it's the sect leader who is wanted, not him.

"Pastor, ikaw naman ang wanted, wag mo naman akong damayin dito (Pastor, you're the one wanted. Please don't involve me in this),” the former commander-in-chief added.

Duterte also condemned the brutality carried out by the PNP-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) and Special Action Force (SAF) during their simultaneous raid on Quiboloy's residences on June 10 to serve an arrest warrant.

Quiboloy, one of the Philippines' most prominent controversial preachers, faces accusations of child maltreatment, sexual assault, and qualified trafficking.

In a statement, Duterte criticized the raid, stating, "This incident took place in a place of worship and on school premises, which is completely unacceptable."

He questioned whether the government's treatment of individuals accused of crimes, but not yet convicted, warranted such severe actions.

Due to his legal expertise, Duterte currently serves as the administrator of KOJC's assets, tasked with managing, stewarding, and preserving the church's properties as a juridical entity under the Philippine constitution.


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