JCI Lakambini Davao: CHArging Forward

Pres. Charinna Barro-Quilaneta and over 170 Presidents in their induction ceremony presided by 2024 National President, Atty. Mark Peter Quilaneta
Pres. Charinna Barro-Quilaneta and over 170 Presidents in their induction ceremony presided by 2024 National President, Atty. Mark Peter Quilaneta Contributed photos

The true mark of a beauty queen, they say, is her ability to spread kindness and positivity consistently.

The elected 2024 President of JCI Lakambini Davao, Charinna Barro-Quilaneta, is definitely a head-turner, and eyes are always glued on her the moment she flashes her sweet smile. But there is more to her beautiful face. It is the beauty of her heart that has placed her at the helm of her local organization (LO).

Cha’s JCI journey

Cha began her JCI journey in 2015 after winning Miss Cagayan de Oro, which was then organized by JCI Bai Lawanen. 

“I participated in their community projects to give back to the community. Eventually, I started joining trainings and meetings as well. I gained new friends, lifetime friends I must say, learned new things which led to who I am right now - a better version of myself, and experienced wonderful things that are worth remembering,” she shared.

The Miss Philippines Earth Eco-Tourism 2016 was initially scared to take on responsibilities from JCI because she was not confident of her capabilities. Nonetheless, her heart for service prevailed. Hence, she accepted the JCI Bai Lawanen Vice President for Internationalism post in 2018. That was the start of her wonderful journey of fun and learning. On top of these is one of the biggest blessings she ever received: “I met my better half in JCI, Atty. Mark Peter M. Quilaneta, the 2024 National President of JCI Philippines.”

“In December 2018, my husband, who was born and raised in Davao City, asked for my hand in marriage. So, I moved here for the wedding preparations,” she revealed. “In the same year, JCI Lakambini Davao was founded, sponsored by JCI Davao during my husband's stint as LO President.” 

Becoming a Dabawenya by heart

They decided to settle down in Davao City for good, which prompted her to transfer to another chapter to continue serving the organization and the community. “I chose JCI Lakambini Davao because, for one, my husband was the sponsoring LO President when we were chartered. Second, most of my friends are here. Lastly, because it’s a new chapter, and I may contribute something out of my learnings and experiences from my previous chapter,” she said.

Amid the different positions in the organization she was entrusted with, Cha still considers the VP for Internationalism her favorite since it allowed her to create and maintain relationships with chapters outside her own. It was likewise an opportunity for her to widen her horizon as she attended the other chapters’ induction ceremonies, whether locally or internationally.

“As an introvert, I get to challenge myself to break free from my comfort zone with the said position,” she said.

While Cha enjoys being with JCI a lot, she does not deny the fact that there are challenges, too.  The hardest is how to balance her time for JCI with her other commitments - as a wife, a law student, and an entrepreneur. 

“The JCI members are young professionals between 18 and 40 years old. Most of us are still working on our careers, doing further studies, starting our own families, and a lot more. It, therefore, requires a deep sense of purpose as to why we are in the organization,” she said. “I believe that we should continue to improve ourselves, and there is no better organization out there in self-development than JCI.”

From beauty pageants to leadership engagements

When asked about the similarity between being a beauty queen and a JCI leader, Cha was quick to say that it is the platform. Both gave her the chance to be heard, which, when used properly, could be instrumental in touching lives and making a difference.

“By being a beauty queen, you don’t need to lead equally empowered men and women. To be a JCI leader means having a strong mind, courage, and being decisive and resolute,” she emphasized.

As the JCI Lakambini Davao 2024 President, Cha is committed to giving and doing her best as she takes the lead.

“JCI Lakambini Davao is turning six on my presidency. We’ve touched so many lives, created many leaders, and won several awards, and I will continue what was started,” she quipped. “As we succeeded our 5th year milestone, our call to action on our 6th year will be CHArging Forward. We will incorporate several things into bringing our local organization to greater heights continuously, such as forging more partnerships and sponsorships to bridge gaps and produce more community projects to create a greater impact on the community, promoting the businesses of our members, and strengthening the bond amongst members.”

Meanwhile, with her husband as the JCI Philippines 2024 National President, Cha is optimistic about gaining an edge towards her growth as a leader.

“I have a mentor I am always with or who is just a call away,” she said. “Being a leader is not easy, and having someone who understands what you’re going through and can guide you through it is the biggest advantage that JCI Lakambini Davao can be grateful for.”  

By being in CHArge of JCI Lakambini Davao in 2024, Cha is on her way towards strengthening and maximizing the four areas of opportunities - individual development, community impact, business and entrepreneurship, and international cooperation. 

“As I always tell the new ones, as long as you know which area of opportunity you want to develop, you will love JCI,” concluded the beauty queen-leader who is ready in CHArging Forward. 


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