KOJC claims months-long drone siege

KOJC claims months-long drone siege

KINGDOM of Jesus Christ (KOJC) disclosed in a live television press conference that Pastor Apollo Quiboloy's compounds have been under siege for several months, utilizing advanced technologies like drones to monitor the televangelist's activities.

According to KOJC's legal counsel, lawyer Dinah Tolentino Fuentes, Quiboloy's followers are asserting that security forces have illegally tracked their leader before the June 10 incident. 

She emphasized, "Can you imagine how the Kingdom citizens feel? They have been besieged for months."

Contrary to public sentiment and disagreements over the religious doctrines of Quiboloy's followers, Fuentes rebutted claims that they have been brainwashed into cult-like practices and are playing the victim card.

“So when we say that the Kingdom citizens are playing victims, hindi po sila playing victims. They are victims. The public perception na bakit [playing] victim ang mga Kingdom citizens, as they call themselves. I would like to add the fact that even before these raids, marami na pong drones [ang] lumilipad sa lahat ng Kingdom compounds for months (When we say the Kingdom citizens are victims, they are not pretending. They are indeed victims. The public perception that they are playing victims is misguided. I would also like to highlight that drones have been flying over all Kingdom compounds for months, even preceding these recent raids),” Fuentes disclosed during the Truth Revealed: Unveiling Injustice Press Conference aired on Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI) News Channel on June 14.

Fuentes also said in the same press conference that the government has been planning "extermination" operations against Quiboloy due to his non-bailable human trafficking charges, which Quiboloy himself had alerted her to based on intelligence reports received since his Senate hearings.

“In our country, I would like to call it kidnapping. However, he has received information that there would not be just a rendition but also extermination and that is the reason why he has chosen not to show himself,” she said.

On April 6, Quiboloy claimed via a taped voice message on Facebook that $2 million had been offered to President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. and First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos to collaborate with the US in arranging his assassination. However, the Philippine National Police (PNP) denied having any information about threats to Quiboloy's life.

“But if Pastor Quiboloy has a basis for what he’s saying, we are ready to provide appropriate security upon his request. But this extends to everyone, whether government officials or ordinary citizens,” stated Philippine National Police spokesperson Col. Jean Fajardo during a press briefing. DEF


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