Alvarez: Love moves in mysterious ways

DAVAO. Dinner with the lovely couple. (Contributed photo)
DAVAO. Dinner with the lovely couple. (Contributed photo)

I HAD heard of many brilliant love stories like love at first sight, hatred in the beginning but with everlasting love in the end and meeting their true loves even when they were eight. But just lately, I was invited to a dinner by Dr. Anabel Bauzon, a good friend that amazingly found her true love at the age of 60.

Amazing, isn’t it? Even in the pre-pandemic, I have witnessed her heart dancing as she felt so loved by Edward C. Perkins, who is at 65, the love she met in online dating. In school, because we both work in the same institution as a professor, I will usually see her receiving balloons, flowers, and chocolates every week. And, of course, Anabel posting those lovely photos on Facebook (FB) made other people curious too.

Then the pandemic came, and I guess everything in the world changed. But I see that the love did not wither; I often see sweet messages calling each other sweethearts on FB. I do not know, but I am so updated with their love story.

Until I found out Edward was coming to the Philippines for them finally to get married. Wow, this is a total knockout, like those at sweet 16, head over hills in love with each other.

And while we were having dinner, I heard them both saying, “I love you to the moon and back,” and angels were like singing in harmony. And the whole night was so fun, as they were telling Rey and me how they had met, the nights they had spent talking, baking together online, the plans, and the promise to love each other till death do them part.

God, they were together even though they were miles apart.

I guess it is true that love can visit us at any age and usually unexpectedly. Even after years of maybe losing somebody one loves so or loving in vain, or to have been broken-hearted, there is still this someone special for you.

Oh, it was lovely to hear Edward say to Anabel, “Sweetheart, God, gave me you,” with both eyes sparkling.

But in all of these, now I can firmly say that love indeed moves in mysterious ways. Certainly, even a great distance can bridge the beat of two hearts deeply in love. Oh, how lovely are these couples!


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