Concern with mites (Part 3)

Concern with mites (Part 3)

(Foreword: This is the continuation of our response to Jo Jo of Kapalong on his concerns with mites.)

Dear Jo Jo of Kapalong,

Now, moving on…here are more ways to settle your “mity” problem.

5. Vapor steam-clean

Use a small machine that heats surfaces with dry steam. You can use electric irons with a steamer function. This can kill fungi, dust mites, bacteria, and other creatures you don’t want.

6. Choose wool beddings

The natural lanolin in wool repels dust mites.

7. Combine, combine, combine… 

Studies done at NIEHS found a great reduction of dust mites when bed covers which are allergen proofs are combined with proper laundry of beddings, dry steam cleaning and vacuuming. It has been shown that when vacuuming is only done, this didn’t work as effective – compared to combination treatments – with dry steam cleaning. So, don’t just rely on vacuuming alone or with dry steaming alone. Do them both and get the maximum killing power.

8. Get a new pillow

Do this every six months – because dust and dust mites live in pillows.

9. Get rid of carpets

Carpets over concrete floors generally generates moisture and dust mites would surely make it their haven. So, choose washable throw rugs, instead.

10. Freeze or wash often your stuffed toys

Freeze them in a tightly closed plastic bag and shake them well outside after you get them out of your freezer. Or if you can’t do this, better rid yourself of those stuffed toys.

11. Use HEPA vacuum or HEPA air filter.

12. Be sure your curtains are washable.

13. Clean your windows

If you have horizontal venetian blinds, wipe them with a damp cloth. But, if what you have can’t be easily washed, then, be sure that you can vacuum them.

14. Avoid the fuzzy and the fluffy fabrics

These types of materials will attract and get more dust.

15. Get rid of the clutter

Clutters collect dust very well and can become your mites’ haven.

Good luck!

Dr. Fritz

(Dr. Fritz Legarde Espedilla is an aesthetic dermatologist and surgeon and a clinical sexologist. She is also trained in hypnotherapy and Medical Acupuncture. For your questions, you may send them to Dear Dr. Fritz, c/o Sunstar-Davao Publishing Inc., Door 11, Ebro-Pelayo Building 1, Juan Luna St., Barangay 29-C, Davao City, or you e-mail them to If you don’t wish your letter to be published, we regret that we cannot answer them. Thank you for your understanding.)


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