Davao designers’ fashionable plants

DAVAO designers are plantitos and plantitas, too!

If you think that designers are only focused on fashion pieces such as clothes, you are definitely wrong! A number of them are also into plants. And the good thing about it is they make sure that their green buddies stay fashionable as well.

One of Heart Evangelista’s favorite designers, Steffy Misoles-Dacalus is one proud “mom”, not just a “tita”, to a variety of lush plants.

To make her plants look fashionable, Steffy keeps an eye on how they are arranged. She groups them according to how they would look like once placed in a certain nook at home.

She suggested buying a variety that makes a statement piece, or those that are sought-after. As for her, she is into monstera deliciosa, which she considers a must-have little black dress in fashion. Aside from the head-turner monstera genus, Steffy also loves calathea and philodendron.

Another certified plant-lover, who just discovered his green thumb during this quarantine period, is Rodwel “Prince Chow Chow” Poral. He even admitted that his obsession with houseplants has reached the point where he would rather live without a sofa than stop from growing his collection.

According to him, this hobby helps in easing the anxiety brought by the pandemic. This is apart from making the abode look even more gorgeous, of course.

“Flowers are the highlights of many gardens when they are present, but foliage plants (plants grown primarily for their leaves) boast reliability that is not to be scoffed at. Blooms come and go. But if you grow specimens with long-lasting leaves, there will always be something in your garden to delight you,” he shared.

Just like Steffy, he is in love with monstera as well since it “makes magic on their own that really stands out among the rest.”

To keep his collection of greens fashionable, TLC (tender loving care) is the top requirement.

“When it comes to indoor displays, dress them with classy pots that will add more beauty to them. Just like in any fashion runway show, an arrangement of the model and their look is vital as so with your indoor houseplants, too!”

Plantitos and plantitas, here is a brilliant advice from him: “If you do go for the jungle effect, avoid making your home look like a 1970s-era time capsule by grouping plants into vignettes that tell a story. An arrangement of three to five houseplants on a side table will look sculptural. Vary heights and foliage texture for visual impact. A trailing vine like Pothos plants may be all you needed too!”

Meanwhile, if you are not into live plants, Wilson Limon has an idea for you: Go for dried foliage!

As he said, it needs no maintenance at all! And, yes, it looks classy at the same time.

By the way, you can visit the malls around Davao City for great green finds! Several varieties of plants and fashionable pots and planters are currently on display.

Happy planting!


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