Erection problem

Erection problem
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Dear Dr. Fritz,

Please call me Donny. I have just turned 36 last month. I have some sexual issues that I just cannot tell anyone about because I am embarrassed to tell my friends about this. I know you have expertise in this field, and this is the reason, why I am writing you. 

I don’t know why I lose my erection so easily. I am getting hard on, but, it wouldn’t last a minute, it seems to die a natural death. It cannot sustain its life and I find it very frustrating. 

Please help me. I don’t know what to do. I am in the dark and confused.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Donny of Cabaguio

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Dear Donny of Cabaguio,

In your problem, I would recommend a total workup, such as looking at your cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar. With this, we will also look at the other aspects of your life — your smoking and drinking habits and your relationship with your spouse.

Try also to take a look at the medications you are taking.

I am also thinking that maybe you have some leakage problems – so the blood doesn’t pool for a long time and returns immediately inside the body, instead of pooling in the genital area. This can make you unable to sustain your erection. 

At this time, I suggest you use a silicone ring that will hold your penis and prevent the blood from returning immediately to the body. And if you don’t have it, you can use your fingers. Form it like a ring and tighten it around the neck of your penis, so that the blood does not return to the body immediately and the hardness of your penis would last longer.

Good luck!

Dr. Fritz

(Dr. Fritz Legarde Espedilla is an aesthetic dermatologist, surgeon and clinical sexologist. She is also trained in hypnotherapy and Medical Acupuncture. She has been in the broadcast media for more than a decade and has written a book based on her 15-year stint with her radio program, “Healthy is Sexy Secrets ni Dr. Fritz.”For your questions, you may send them to Dear Dr. Fritz, c/o Sunstar-Davao Publishing Inc., Door 11, Ebro-Pelayo Building 1, Juan Luna St., Barangay 29-C, Davao City, or you e-mail them to If you don’t wish your letter to be published, we regret that we cannot answer them. Thank you for your understanding.)


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