Going Greener: Azuela Cove chalks up environment drive

Going Greener: Azuela Cove chalks up environment drive
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Azuela Cove, Ayala Land’s premier seaside estate in Davao, has recently taken significant steps to promote environmental consciousness across the metropolis.

As sustainability evolves in Davao, becoming a critical aspect of business operations, Azuela Cove aims to be a pillar of sound sustainability practices in the region, in synch with Ayala Land’s position as a sustainability champion in the Philippines.

“Our vision at Azuela Cove is to make it easy for our residents and visitors to make sustainable choices,” says Jennylle Tupaz, Ayala Land Senior Estate Development Head of Vismin. “One practical step at a time, we are creating a comprehensive sustainability strategy that will make it easier for Dabawenyos to map out concrete actions toward the greener path.”

Rethinking waste and recycling

One critical environmental issue in Davao City is waste. Improper waste disposal, plastic pollution, and inadequate recycling infrastructure have resulted in lower recycling rates, increased pressure on disposal sites, and more single-use plastics polluting Davao’s waters.

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To maintain the pristine landscape of Azuela’s green seaside enclave, the company mounted an educational campaign together with PlaygoalZ. This play-to-teach program educates children on the real impact of improper waste handling on Davao’s environment and how recycling can minimize its adverse effects. This initiative engages kids to play with recycled materials, transform them into new usable forms, and learn about recycling and green advocacy in an imaginative play set-up.

In addition, Azuela Cove is launching a complementary campaign to upcycle pet bottles through convenient collection points across the community. Collections from this initiative will be used to make eco-bricks and will serve as pavers in select areas of the community in the future. The safety bollards installed at Azuela’s Promenade are also products of recycled industrial plastic as well as the benches in the common areas which together account for 4,700 kg worth of recycled plastic waste.

Greening the City

Azuela Cove has also initiated a seedling planting program to restore and preserve local green spaces throughout the estate and surrounding areas. The estate has planted 358 new trees since its inception and plans to add another 242 new trees next year. Davao City is in a region known for biodiversity, so protecting and conserving its unique ecosystems is vital to Azuela Cove’s sustainability campaign.

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The estate’s greening program seeks to protect and enrich Davao’s biodiversity and serve as a visual reminder of the community’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

Through this program, Azuela has started an in-house nursery housing Indian Bamboo and other ornamental plants for the estate’s landscaping.

Complementing the greening program is a pedestrianization drive that promotes a healthier lifestyle among Azuela’s residents and guests. The estate aims to normalize a walking, jogging, and biking culture by creating ample dedicated pedestrian pathways and organizing regular fitness and running events. These lessen the use of vehicles and inspire active living all year round.

Committed to a Sustainable Future

All these sustainability initiatives are a testament to Azuela Cove’s commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable estate that will benchmark sustainability in the region against national and global standards.

Tupaz emphasized the importance of balancing Davao's infrastructure development with sustainability goals, fostering a harmonious approach. “Environmental stewardship is at the heart of our estate planning process and we want to ensure our infrastructure development is always balanced with sustainability goals. We are very mindful of how real estate development can boost Davao’s economy while simultaneously thriving in harmony with its biodiversity-rich region.” PR


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