How fatherhood changed Paolo Valenciano's life

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LIKE most dads, Paolo Valenciano wants his family to be safe and secure.

More than just being known as the first-born son of Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano, Paolo carved his own path in the live-events industry as an events and concert director.

In 2016, Paolo and his wife Sam sweetly welcomed their baby girl, Leia. Now four years old, Leia is a toddler who loves to make her parents smile. “She is such an active character so being her parent is a lot of fun. She never fails to make us laugh,” shares Paolo.

As a dad, he wants to be a source of security and comfort for Leia. Growing up, he looked up to his dad as a playmate and confidant. He wants to have the same bond and relationship with his daughter which is why despite having a busy schedule, he tries to always spend time with her.

“I want her to feel I’m always there for her, a father who is always available; who is always listening. My dad was always a listener, and it made us feel secure and safe knowing we can run to him when we need help. I want to be like that for Leia. I want her to always come to me anytime she needs any kind of help.”

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