Husband’s body goes into spasms after bed activity

Husband’s body goes into spasms after bed activity
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Dear Dr. Fritz,

I have some concerns that have been going on for some time now. Whenever I had sex with my husband, after he ejaculated, his legs suddenly would go into spasms, sometimes he would have lower abdomen spasms that would run towards his stomach.

Sometimes his body stiffens, and sometimes he gasps. He is obese. The truth is because of this, I am losing my desire for sex. What should I do?

Please help. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Grave Paty 2024

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Dear Grave Paty 2024,

I believe that the problem of your husband where he cramps during your sexual intercourse signifies that he lacks zinc and calcium. Have him take these supplements - zinc, 100 mg and Calcium 1000 mg.

You said that your husband’s body stiffens during sex, sometimes this could mean that your husband has reached orgasm. It can also mean that he restricts the flow of energy in his body during sexual intercourse.

Remember that sex is about the flow of energy in the body, and it is necessary that you know how to relax by moving your legs so that energy flows well in your body, so that you don’t stiffen during sex.

As what you said, your husband is obese and during sexual intercourse he will gasp for breath, what I fear is that your husband may have a heart problem or cholesterol issues, so he pants during sex. Please see your doctor as soon as possible to address his health issues.

I understand how you feel about losing your desire, I hope you follow my advice immediately to get back that desire and catch up with your quest for happiness in your marriage.

Good luck!

Dr. Fritz

(Dr. Fritz Legarde Espedilla is an aesthetic dermatologist and surgeon and clinical sexologist. She is also trained in hypnotherapy and Medical Acupuncture. She has been in the broadcast media for more than a decade and has written a book based on her 15 year stint with her radio program, “Healthy is Sexy Secrets ni Dr. Fritz.”. For your questions, you may send them to Dear Dr. Fritz, c/o Sunstar-Davao Publishing Inc., Door 11, Ebro-Pelayo Building 1, Juan Luna St., Barangay 29-C, Davao City, or you e-mail them to If you don’t wish your letter to be published, we regret that we cannot answer them. Thank you for your understanding.)


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