Introducing some of Mindanao’s best: unveiling GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 winners

Introducing some of Mindanao’s best: unveiling GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 winners
Introducing some of Mindanao’s best: unveiling GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 winners

A glistening jewel in the south, the Mindanao region has long captivated visitors due to its scenic and mesmerizing landscape that boasts a tantalizing culinary scene. 

The region’s colorful tapestry of history and tradition showcases a plethora of primarily Spanish and Malay influences from neighboring Southeast Asian countries that have been woven together over the centuries, culminating into a diverse regional cuisine that tourists and locals love. This menu has expanded alongside Davao’s ever-growing culinary scene and includes a variety of new food favorites that the region has grown to love. 

This year, GrabFood users chose a diverse selection of brands that offer the most scrumptious dishes that they could never get enough of, and have emerged as winners at the GrabFood Regional Fan Faves 2023. 

Here are the winners in the Mindanao region:

Wow Lechon from Davao 

Satisfy your lechon cravings by visiting Wow Lechon, one of the GrabFood Regional Fan Faves 2023 winners. 

Offering liempo and more pork-based dishes, Wow Liempo specializes in delightful gastronomic flavors that are sure to get your paletes sated. The flavor of its take on lechon is a staple to those who are looking for an authentic lechon experience in Davao City. Its juicy and mouthwatering WOW Lechon Belly Roll, stuffed with a variety of herbs and spices, is a favorite among GrabFood users. 

Frkn' Brgrs from Cagayan De Oro 

You know if a food establishment has truly made a mark in the food scene if thousands of foodies vouch for its culinary excellence and Frkn’ Brgs has done exactly that. 

If you’re a fan of burgers served in big hearty portions, then Frkn' Brgrs is the place for you to get a scrumptious dose of burger at an affordable price.

This burger joint located in Cagayan De Oro is best known for not shying away from big portioned meals, challenging customers who dare to chomp and finish their meals down to the last crumb.

If you’re craving for delicious, big-portioned meals to make your day, GrabFood is sure to deliver your orders from Frkn’ Brgrs fast and easy. Munch on some of its best-selling dishes such as its NL Frkn' Tenders and indulge on some delicious and hot chicken goodness.

Whether you’re having a bad or good day, you can always count on Frkn' Brgrs to make your day extra better with a bite or two. 

Chingkeetea from Cagayan De Oro 

The milk tea hype has yet to die down as it continues to be a favorite treat for many Filipinos. With stores popping left and right, it’s hard to determine which is the best for your taste buds as well as your wallets. Look no further as Chingkeetea, one of the winners of this year’s GrabFood 

Regional Fan Faves has got you covered! It offers incredibly delicious drinks that milk tea lovers will always come back to. Try out its refreshing Strawberry Chichee, one of its best-selling drinks that are sure to make your tastebuds soar. 

Chingkeetea’s extensive menu offers more than its sweet milk tea as it also serves burgers, chicken wings, French fries, ramen noodles, and coffee. 

These GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 Regional Faves winners have earned the title of being the leaders in their respective regions – always ready to take on deliveries and consistently eager to serve loyal GrabFood users the best of what they have to offer. 

Get on the Grab app and treat yourselves today! Learn more about GrabFood Fan Faves 2023 winners by visiting (CONTENT PARTNERSHIP).


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