Labrador: Food Notes: Christianitea Davao

Christianitea’s Double cup milk tea and milk tea bucket (photo from their Facebook Page)
Christianitea’s Double cup milk tea and milk tea bucket (photo from their Facebook Page)

MILK Tea will always be an integral part of my life, that’s why I got curious with this unique milk tea place that’s making its way to my social media feed – Christianitea Davao.

Checked the place out after a long day at work and here are my thoughts about it.

Milk tea Selections

Christianitea has a lot of milk tea flavors to choose from and they have given it a twist by naming it after people in the Bible like Abba (Pearl Milk Tea) and Abraham (Taro Milk Tea) we ordered. Prices are also super student friendly starting from P55 and they also offer milk tea combos which come with a snack for only P99.

Another thing that made Christianitea a hit in social media is their double cup milk teas which feature two milk tea flavors in one cup for P99 as well. Perfect for those who want to try two flavors or just share a cup. Big groups can also avail of their milk tea bucket.

The Vibe

Getting inside the cute café, the walls are filled with a lot of “versepirations” that would truly inspire their customers who either go in for a quick milk tea fix or stay in for a while to catch up with their friends and classmates. They also have some board games and onesies for those with #InstagramGoals.

The Verdict

One major issue about the place is that – they don’t tend to maintain the cleanliness of their place after their customers. When we arrived, there were a lot of empty milk tea cups and tissues on the tables and not just our table for the record.

Other than that, their milk tea is okay, I have tried better ones with the same price range. I give them plus though for personalized “inspo” messages that they take time to write.

Finally, since the place is small it can get super noisy, it is best for students on a budget who would like a place to chill with friends. Titos and titas at heart may visit at their own risk (*wink!).

Christianitea Davao is located at Iñigo St., Obrero.


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