Salvador: On the 2020 Travel Bucket List

JAPAN. It’s time to see Osaka this time (Contributed by JNTO)
JAPAN. It’s time to see Osaka this time (Contributed by JNTO)

“WHERE are you traveling this year?” was a question I was asked after the customary New Year’s greetings. The favorite Asian destinations popped in mind. Yes, I am heading back to my favorite cities and making my way to new ones. I’m still feeling Asia this year and here are places on my 2020 travel list.

As you may know Bangkok is a regular destination. Because of work, I get to enjoy the old and emerging attractions of the city. Food, culture, nightlife and shopping will always be exciting. What I need to do again is to go beyond the capital city’s border and explore new places of the country.

Because I won a ticket to Taipei, I will see the city for the second time. I intended to even without winning a raffle. But who doesn’t want to travel for free? Five days wasn’t enough for a first visit. You see I prefer touring a city at my own pace. I may see less spots but it gives me a reason to return.

Spring is a good season to return to Taipei. I love to see the cherry blossoms showing off its beauty in another place other than Japan, which is one of my favorite countries.

But I see another reason to head back to the Land of the Rising Sun. Believe it or not, I haven’t been to Osaka yet even if it was a short train ride away from Kyoto, where I spent four nights. There was so much to see in the old capital that I never got the chance to leave the place. If I get the chance, I want to visit the other charming cities like Sapporo and Fukuoka.

Honestly, I will make my way back to Tokyo for a “polka dot experience.” The Yayoi Kusama Museum is on my bucket list and IF I can score a ticket way in advance, like two months prior to the visit, then that would be a treat.

Because there is a standing invitation to visit Hanoi for some time now, it’s about time to heed the call. It will be the first time in this part of Vietnam and my host said I need 14 days for this trip. Halong Bay will be base camp and will take trips to several scenic spots daily. If you see my host’s photographs of the different sites, you would want to join me on this trip.

Bangladesh was a surprise destination in 2019 and it seemed like a prelude to India. Is it time to see India? I’d like the universe to show me the way, the way it did with Seoul, South Korea last year. Most often, things just fall into place and pave a smooth way to a destination. If you ask for it, it will happen. The Universe listens. What I’m telling the Universe is that I am open to traveling and I head to where it wants be to be.

Aging changes a traveler’s preferences, it does for me. I am now hesitant to veer away from my comfort zone. Cozy over roughing it. I did stay in hostels in the past, and that’s no longer an option.

Europe or USA? Yes, there’s so much more to experience, but just the thought of a 14-hour plane ride is a challenge. Not unless I get upgraded to the front. I can’t afford the seat cost on that part of the plane. Grin.

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