Specs checklist for online class

Specs checklist for online class

NOWADAYS, we are constrained to stay at home due to the pandemic. Even then, life continues, and so does the academic life of students. But they stay at home and are not allowed to go out. Surely, they will need some kind of gadget to aid them in their studies. Gadgets are now needed more than ever to continue with learning. In this article, five minimum specs of gadgets that you need to look for will be listed. These will aid you to find the right gadget for online learning.

1. Processor

The primary function of the processor is to process basic instructions that make the gadget work. Without it, the gadget will not work at all. For laptops, the Intel Core i5 processor is good and fast enough for online classes. For phones, look for the term “Quad-core” since this signifies fast processing.

2. RAM

RAM stands for “Random Access Memory.” It is the gadget’s short-term data storage. This means that it allows the user to quickly open applications. For laptops, 8 GB of RAM is good enough, and for phones, 4 GB is the minimum. So, the bigger the RAM, the better and faster the gadget would be.

3. HDD/Storage

HDD stands for “Hard Disk Drive,” which is a storage device that comes with laptops. This is where the files are saved. At a minimum, 500 GB of internal storage is enough. For phones, it is simply called storage. 32-64 GB of storage is a good range for phones.

4. Operating System

The operating system or OS is a software that allows the user to make use of the device itself. Windows 10 is the most recent OS for laptops, so look out for that. For phones, it is mostly iOS and Android and is specific to certain brands.

5. Camera/Mic

Cameras and microphones are needed since some online classes have online meetings or video calls. These are both built-in with the device itself. Both for laptop and phone cameras, 8 MP (megapixels) is clear enough. The clearer the camera, the better you appear on the screen.

These are all the main specs that you should look out for when looking for a laptop or phone to buy for your child. That being said, different brands have different combinations of these specs. It is up to your judgment and budget to see which gadget would work best for your child. You can also ask help from the store clerk as they should be knowledgeable of specs too. Good luck with shopping!










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