Where to stay in Hong Kong? Marco Polo Hotels, of course

Sunsets and light shows. The view from the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel room. (Contributed photo)
Sunsets and light shows. The view from the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel room. (Contributed photo)

MARCO Polo’s Hong Kong Hotel, Gateway Hotel and Prince Hotel, why is this trio very popular?

1. Is it because of its stylish address along the bustling Canton Road that can easily accessible via any form of transportation to just about anywhere?

2. Its ultrachic neighbors Hermes, Chanel, Prada, Gucci and other luxury labels right next door which share the same sidewalk?

3. The proximity to the iconic ferries crossing the famed Victoria Harbor and the other city attractions?

4. The Siamese Twin-like link to the gargantuan shopping and leisure complex of Harbour City Mall, where you can automatically get a 10% discount from hundreds of stores when you check in at any Marco Polo HK hotels?

5. The view of the breathtaking sunset from the hotel room’s windows?

6. The modern conveniences offered (the handyphone that can help you navigate HK and call to five countries for free is fantastic!) and impeccable service the three hotels offer?

7. The daily dose of enjoy-as-much-as-you-like freshly baked egg tarts served on the breakfast buffet. The famous HK delicacy is great way to start the day.

I won’t be surprised if you nodded to all seven reasons.

The soon-to-launch Cathay Dragon direct flight to Hong Kong is good reason to get everyone in Davao excited. Raising this sensation higher is more Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotels’ offering for everyone heading to the favorite holiday destination.

For the last quarter of 2018, the hotel trio gives three more reasons to complete the list of “Ten good reasons to stay at Marco Polo Hotels”. Here are they are.

8. Discounts and upgrades with “Your Direct Choice” promotion.

Until March 31, 2019, when you book directly through the hotel website, marcopolohotels.com, with promotion code “DIRECT15”, you get a 15% savings on the Best Available Rate.

Now, if you’re a DISCOVERY member, you can enjoy a complimentary room upgrade to the next room category upon check in.

9. Free tickets to HK’s longest-running and largest outdoor German Beer Festival.

It’s also an award-winning Oktoberfest in HK set by the stunning Victoria Harbour. It offers an extensive range of German beers and traditional entertainment, and attended by Bierfest fans from all over the world.

Avail of the “Bed and Bierfest” room package from October 17 to November 10 and enjoy these freebies: 1. Entrance ticket (max of 2 per room stay and not applicable on October 18) and a glass of free beer; 2. A limited edition 2018 event beer mug; 3. Late room check-out at 3PM; and 4. Room upgrade.

10. And most important reason of all— YOU. Because you deserve all these—the trip and all the luxurious conveniences that come along with staying at the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotels.

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