Nordeco welcomes extension of Jubahib’s suspension

Nordeco welcomes extension of Jubahib’s suspension
DavNor PIO (left), Nordeco (right)

THE Northern Davao Electric Cooperative (Nordeco) expressed appreciation for the Office of the President's (OP) decision to extend the suspension of Davao del Norte Governor Edwin Jubahib, a vocal critic of the electric cooperative due to their subpar service in certain areas of the province.

Jubahib announced in a statement on June 10, 2024, that despite his initial 60-day preventive suspension expiring, he would remain absent from his gubernatorial duties. 

The OP issued another 30-day preventive suspension against him on June 7, prompted by complaints from Nordeco about his participation in rallies advocating for the electric cooperative's acquisition by the Davao Light and Electric Company, which serves some areas of the province.

Nordeco filed the complaint against the embattled governor citing "grave abuse of authority and misuse of government position and resources." 

The grounds for the complaint align with the principles of the National Center of Concerned Electric Consumers, Inc. (NCCECO) and the Coalition Against Privatization of Electric Cooperatives (CAPECs), which have been protesting against Nordeco's privatization.

Nordeco affirmed its stance against privatization, echoing the principles of CAPECs for equity over corporate interests and highlighting its role in the government's Rural Electrification Program. 

The cooperative emphasized that the complaint filed before the OP was independent and based on legitimate grounds.

“The imposition of preventive suspension by the Office of the President against Governor Edwin I. Jubahib was a valid exercise of its power under the Local Government Code and other relevant laws. Irrespective of our opinion, the Office of the President, that is invested with the power of suspension, is the sole judge of the necessity or sufficiency thereof,” Nordeco said.

Jubahib, amidst criticism, stated that discussions were held with Nordeco to address issues affecting consumers and businesses. 

However, when formal talks failed, the matter was escalated to the national level. Despite the approval of House Bill No. 10554 in 2022 by Congress and the Senate to improve electric utility, it was vetoed in July.

Jubahib urged the public to unite to pursue a reliable and affordable electricity supply in Davao del Norte.

On April 10, Malacañang Palace suspended Jubahib for 60 days for his involvement in a motorcade rally supporting the expansion of Davao Light and Power Company's franchise territory, which aimed to displace Nordeco. 

The suspension was extended for another 30 days effective immediately upon receipt.

The veto of the law granting Davao Light's expansion was due to Nordeco's existing franchise in the province, valid until 2028 and 2033. 

House Bill No. 10554 sought to extend Davao Light's coverage to areas currently serviced by Nordeco, criticized for frequent brownouts and poor service. RGL


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