Mothers: The everyday superheroes


In a world full of titles and roles, “mother” stands out as the most impactful of them all. This Mother’s Day, as we celebrate the incredible women who play this role in its myriad forms—from moms to grandmoms and from sister-moms to mom-teachers—it’s important to remember the unique strength each brings to the table.

When mothers unconditionally love and support their children, it changes our identities and society. Mother’s Day has a moving past, beginning in 1908 with a memorial service for Anna Jarvis’s mother in Grafton, West Virginia. Acknowledging moms’ efforts for their children was a significant first step in her campaign. This was the first important step in her campaign to recognize mothers’ sacrifices for their children. By 1914, this day, May 12, was officially marked for national observance by President Woodrow Wilson, emphasizing the importance of mothers in society—a value that has only grown deeper with time.

Today, Mother’s Day is not just an occasion but a necessary pause in our busy lives, reminding us to appreciate the women who raised us. It’s also a day to acknowledge those who’ve acted as the maternal glue in our communities, supporting and nurturing those around them, whether or not they have children of their own.

Several women in my life embody the spirit of motherhood: my own mother, Mama Diana, who taught me the value of integrity, hard work, and a safe space to grow and make mistakes; my mother-in-law, Lola Violeta, whose kindness and smile have never wavered; my tough-loving algebra teacher Ma’am Milagros Sirilan, who nurtured my intellectual curiosity during my teenage days, and Ma’am Au de la Cruz, a beacon of guidance during my colorful years as a school formator and administrator.

Motherhood is indeed supermomhood. It is a role characterized not just by big acts of sacrifice but also by small, everyday deeds of love—from packed lunches to late-night reassurances and life lessons delivered softly at the end of a long day. These activities comprise the foundation of our character and the foundation of society as a whole.

Not only are mothers responsible for making us master the fundamentals of life, but they are also responsible for establishing a way of thinking and behaving that serves as the basis for our individualized personalities. This is not because they are required to do so; they do it because they love us unconditionally and want us to grow into the best possible versions of ourselves. One cannot overestimate the magnitude of their influence, not only on the children they raise but also on the communities they better. It is impossible to overstate the magnitude of their influence.

On this extraordinary day, it is essential that we express our gratitude to each and every mother. It is imperative that we make it a priority to forgive previous wrongdoings and honor the unadulterated nature of motherhood. Let us make sure that the mothers in our lives feel appreciated not only by our words but also through the acts that we perform daily.

There are various types of mothers besides biological mothers. It is about every woman who has ever played a part in raising, teaching, and guiding someone. It is about the aunts who step in when needed, the grandmothers who spoil us with wisdom and cookies, the teachers who guide us, the every-reliable yayas who lull us to sleep, and even the friends who support us as a mother would.

These everyday heroes are frequently undervalued by society, which is why today is such an important day. Today is the day to express sentiments such as “I see you,” “I appreciate you,” “I thank you,” “I love you,” and “I honor the role you play in my life.” Although being a mother can be a thankless job at times, it is also one of the most critical positions in our society, and today is a day to acknowledge this fact.

The experience of motherhood comprises a wide range of feelings and sensations, ranging from happiness and love to anxiety and exhaustion. Despite everything, moms all across the world continue to care for, instruct, and direct their children. As the architects of the future, they are responsible for establishing the groundwork upon which the subsequent generation will construct and construct.

Therefore, on this Mother’s Day, let us celebrate these remarkable ladies with all the pomp and grandeur they deserve. Remember to send them flowers, text them, call them, and express gratitude. More importantly, but sometimes more complex, let us continue supporting and cherishing them daily.

To all the mothers reading this—Diana, Violeta, Ma’am Au, Ma’am Milagros, and every mother out there—you are the true superheroes of our world. Today, we celebrate you not just as the givers of life but as the pillars of strength and love that hold our world together. Happy Mother’s Day.

By Herman M. Lagon


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