Pretty not pretty reality

Pretty not pretty reality

SHE is pretty in that carefree no-sh-t way complete with tattoos. From the outside she looked cool, like many young adults.

Thin, as most of us were in our younger years before menopause rounded up everything and anything that can be made round, and dressed in ways that showed skin the way the younger millennials dress.

Until you listen to her speak from her heart... and hurts. Then you sit up and notice the scars and the absence of joy in her eyes.

Before that, the tattoos in her arm and hands and the carefree look her attire exudes hogged your attention, you didn’t notice her eyes.

Now you are peering into the depths of her soul and commiserate with the emptiness.

Money is not the problem, the BPO industry and content creation pay well and she has what the industry needs. She can even afford to take long vacations on some island destinations with a beau who was as broken as her spirit. They looked good together, their lanky bodies making their loose cotton clothes perfect for watching the sunset with their drinks at the beach. Until you see their eyes.

The girl a survivor of abuse. The guy, a narcissist with a wide streak of abusiveness.

The sad part of this story is that... it’s becoming common. The glamor of island living for well-deserved breaks from high-paying jobs, spent with lovers of different levels of brokenness. Sadder because an industry is growing from this broken generation. An industry that exploits the anxieties and desperation bringing temporary quiet instead of healing. Name it: Online consultations abound that take away the loving touch to psychotherapy and is fueled by prescription medicines.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with online consultations if the tenets of psychotherapy remains and the foundation is to heal and bring peace of mind.

As broken as these young individuals is the brokenness of values and virtues, and money takes centerstage; not compassion, not healing. That is how the cycle is created and perpetrated...

So there I was, facing for the first time this young lady who is pretty in that carefree no-sh-t way complete with tattoos. From the outside she looked cool, like many young adults. But she wasn’t. She was broken and was seeking healing. And she wasn’t the first pretty young lady in that carefree no-sh-t way complete with tattoos to seek such.

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