Valderrama: A walking angel


Our parents always guided us to pray to our angels. When we were young, they taught us what angels looked like.

They have wings, and they fly. We call them by their famous names: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael.

They aren’t saints but angels. In the scripture and Christian tradition, we have learned that St. Michael the Archangel combats satan and escorts the faithful to heaven at their hour of death.

Archangel Gabriel was known to announce the coming birth of Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. We pray to St. Raphael the Archangel for our healing. He is known as the angel who can heal.

Some say angels don’t only fly, they walk on Earth, too. They are extraordinary individuals with extraordinary gifts.

Some say, too, that you do not need to have wings to be an angel. You can be an angel to others, but only if your heart is full of empathy and compassion.

Did you meet someone who offers a listening ear and comforting words without you even having to ask, or did that person’s calming presence soothe your fears, stresses, and anxieties, making you feel better?

Did you meet someone who does not push you to the limits but waits for you to catch up because that person exactly knows what you’re going through?

Did you meet someone who is always grateful even for the simplest things like seeing a flying butterfly, a beautiful sunset, or colorful small flowers that sprouted in the corner?

Did you meet someone who always finds purpose in everything? And they have this drive to help others and make the world a better place?

Did you meet someone who always shares wisdom and insights and they always resonate with your soul?

Did you meet someone who accepts you without complaints, judgment, or prejudice? That person does not focus on your flaws but helps you instead to better yourself without asking for anything in return.

These people do exist, even though we may not encounter them very frequently. They must be angels in human form.

We meet people, too, who pray and go to church frequently and talk biblical and religious quotes tremendously, but their actions do not coincide. They make life and situations hard for others.

However, we also meet others who do not seem to be seen praying and going to church regularly, but they silently help others and make their lives easy.

Yes, human beings are fallible. Our worries and inadequacies hold us back. Sometimes, all we want is to become good, but we are faced with a variety of temptations.

As long as we strive hard to become a better person every day, find ways to become closer to our faith in God, and create heaven on earth, we can be a walking angel.

We do not need wings. We just need to be kind, generous, compassionate, and rich in faith and spirit.


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