Valderrama: Along the way


Two insightful movies on Netflix have drawn attention. Though with different storylines, The Fundamentals of Caring and Road Trip are worth the time. Both stories focus on the characters’ quest to reach their destination.

It has always been this way in real-life situations. We focus on where we want to be. Our target is always to be where we want to be. 

But along the way, we encounter situations and people who will either change our lives to give us a deep sense of purpose or drive us far away to experience more challenges.

Two quotes will remind us that there is more than just reaching our destination: “Happiness is a road traveled, not a destination” and “The journey is the destination.” Or we can quote Ralph Waldo Emerson’s famous line: “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” 

Along the way, we learn life’s greatest lessons.

The plot of these two movies was all about the memories and experiences they created on the road along the way, and this speaks all about life. 

When we travel, literally driving a car or commuting on a bus, we either create memories or take a trip down memory lane.

Sometimes, it is in the journey that we realize and experience the best memories of our lives. There are times when love, friendship, and trust are formed along the way. And these times would leave a great impact on your life.

At times, it is remembering what would have been if situations were different or what you could have done to change or improve the situation.

Often, it is reminiscing the moments that make us smile and laugh or recalling the instances that left a terrible pain in our hearts.

So, along the way, a new life is about to be revealed, a new love to spark, or a new drive to fuel.

Even if we are not traveling along the road, every day is still a journey.

Anything we do is a journey. We create memories that our mind chooses to retain. We build experiences that will benefit us in the future. We initiate actions that will establish our credibility.

All these are not seen in the destination but are felt along the way.

The destination is sometimes just a mirage because you have already arrived. The journey is your destination. The journey is what and who you are. The journey is you.

So, when you finally get your diploma after all the hard time completing your project or thesis, it is not that piece of document that made you who you are. It was all the learnings you collected.

When you are promoted in your job, it’s not the higher compensation that will define you; it’s the confidence you built along the way.

When you die, it’s not about you anymore but about the lessons and memories you leave to those who believe in you.

While every day is a journey, let’s make it worthwhile.


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