Valderrama: Moms’ letter


There are many things we never knew until you came.

We never knew so much patience until we needed to stay awake to stare at and feed you. We had to stay up late again when you started dating or going out with friends to confirm you got home safely.

You quarreled with us when you didn’t get what you wanted. We felt pressured subtly when you expressed what and where you wanted to be. However, we are happy and more determined to do more for you.

We never knew so much understanding until we needed to listen to your story. Most of the time, we take the blame for every negative thing that comes.

When you have low grades, we ask ourselves if we have done enough to help, support, and motivate you to study harder. When you get high grades, we never assume we were part of it. You were simply amazing, and you tried harder. 

We publicize your achievements as if they were ours. We defend your flaws in every way we can.

We never knew so much generosity until we only wanted to give everything to you. Only mothers can give and give until it hurts.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, “I must be willing to give whatever it takes to do good to others. This requires that I be willing to give until it hurts.” She was a mother who did not conceive any child but became the mother of the poor and uncared.

We cannot all be like Mother Teresa, but we are always willing to give whatever it takes just to see you happy.

We never knew so much love until we no longer think about ourselves.  It is always about you and your future. We think of you all the time.

We work hard because we want to give the best for you, but we also make sure to spend quality time with you. At the same time, we wanted you to be proud of us.

We want you to be truly happy. Your joy is our joy.

We never knew so much pain until we saw you hurting.  Your pain is our pain.  Seeing your tears would crush us big time. 

Although we know that your hardships and brokenness will make you stronger as a person, we just do not want all these to happen. We want you to be whole all the time. We want you to learn life’s lessons where you need not cry and suffer.

We are not perfect, but we love you perfectly. Our prayers are all about your joy, safety, and fulfillment.

We have our moods, but we aren’t mad. We are just stressed or exhausted at times.  Perhaps there is just a sudden spike in our sugar levels or hormones. 

We have our shortcomings, but we always think of you and your welfare. We are always ready to sacrifice for you. It is always all about you.

You took our breath away the moment we saw you. We love you super-duper.




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