Valderrama: Summer in the rainy season

SunStar Valderamma
SunStar Valderamma

Our country was never used to having June as a summer break.  Way before Covid times, the first Monday of June is always the start of classes. Now, the classes for school year 2023-2024 have just ended.

Technically, June and July become the summer break for public school learners from Kindergarten to Senior High School. And scientifically, it's the rainy season in the country from June to November.

The Philippines is composed of only two seasons.  The dry season starts from December to May, with December to February as the dry cool season and March to May as the hot dry season.

That’s why classes in some parts of the country were converted to modular or online instead of face-to-face classes in April and May.

Just last week, the first typhoon to hit the country, named Aghon, left more than P21 million in agricultural damage. This is just the start of the 20 average typhoons every year.

With God’s grace and protection, we were only hit with 11 typhoons last year.  We pray that it will be less this year with minimal damages.

Officially, it’s summertime for the young learners.  

They are free from any school activities except those qualified for the national competitions in July, like Palarong Pambansa, National Schools Press Conference, and National Festival of Talents.

They need to prepare, so they have to meet with their coaches and practice regularly.

Some learners would also be part of the National Learning Camp, an intervention to help students overcome academic challenges and improve their educational outcomes.

The majority of our learners, though, will enjoy summer break for the next eight weeks before the start of classes on July 29 for the school year 2024-2025.

Without rain, it is still hot and humid in these months.  However, the young can enjoy a break from all the academic concerns. This is the best time to enjoy and bond with family and friends.

This is the best time, too, to discover new things and places. It’s seldom seeing learners prepare and study for the coming school year. It wouldn’t do good for mental health.  Everyone needs a break.

Public school teachers have their summer break, too, with full compensation under the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers. Others in another field of work but with a similar heavy impact of load will always say they are lucky. They cannot enjoy and still be compensated.

But it is also expected that after the vacation, teachers are all set for the school year and will give their full attention to the learners.

Yes, it’s summer break in this rainy season.  Whether it’s a rainy season or still a seemingly hot season, it is time to enjoy and unwind for our learners and teachers.

So, have fun. S


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