Velez: DDS-aster news

Velez: DDS-aster news

WHILE the rest of the country have their eyes on Taal, Duterte’s DDS propaganda machine is still fixated with VP Leni Robredo and her donation of pan de sal.

This, and some other actions of people working with or supporting the government are really going against the flow of help for the people of Batangas and Tagaytay.

For this past week, citizens and netizens have all been sharing updates on Taal, the state of evacuees, the history of Taal and the communities, and scientific knowledge about how could Taal impact the lives and agriculture in Calabarzon. It’s turning a negative into a positive.

But that’s not what you see on pro-Duterte pages like Mocha Uson Blog and this MindaVote page. They made five posts hitting VP Robredo for donating pan de sal.

You barely see them posting updates, situationer, or advisory about Taal. I’m waiting for Mocha to Photoshop a volcano to just show her relevance.

Whether donating pan de sal, or bringing your own media team, is being insensitive, it’s up to the evacuees to say that. But what about these help coming from the presidential office? They gave 3,000 pesos for some evacuees. And they are offering loans worth 25,000 pesos for fisherfolk. Loans, not aid.

And the President, who once made a good appearance in Yolanda, had to prioritize his appearance to the Marines. And offered 50,000 pesos for soldiers who are celebrating their birthday. That shows priorities.

Then there is PCOO undersecretary Lorraine Badoy who just wanted to make fun of youth activists AnakBayan for soliciting money for the evacuees, calling them opportunists.

Excuse me, Badoy, that is your definition of stealing and opportunist? Doesn’t your government have a 16 billion pesos calamity fund this year? And the interior secretary instead is calling for donations? I don’t know what you call that.

Perhaps, I may suggest the one calling for donations should be done by the “solicitor” general.

And Badoy, you also sound like a rich brat who have hoarded ice cream and cake for yourself when your neighborhood is on fire. And when your neighborhood kids come asking for food, you scream “Stop asking food, you have no right! Mommy! I’m harassed, I want my choco fudge now!”

That is their version of what my friend says “DDS-aster” news. Take note, we are paying Mocha Uson around 130,000 pesos a month as an undersecretary for Owwa and Badoy around that same figure. But the way they are doing their job is to highlight the negatives, and diverting our attention from the government’s slow relief drive. Maybe the best news is to take away their salaries and give them to the evacuees, and maybe throw their bad vibes to the volcano.


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