Wegotmail: Keynote speech of DOF Sec. Ralph Recto at EJAP-SMC Economic Forum 2024 (Conclusion)


Recognizing their indispensable role in driving long-term growth, we partner closely with them to bring in investments and technology, create high-quality jobs, and spur industry development.

This approach empowers the government to allocate resources effectively while harnessing the private sector’s expertise to expedite infrastructure projects and service delivery nationwide.

Through strategic reforms like the PPP Code, we have streamlined regulations and eliminated barriers to facilitate faster and more efficient partnerships with them. 

Secretary Go has been leading the charge on this and has already elaborated on our investment initiatives in his speech earlier.

We have also been personally engaging with investors to address their key concerns, demonstrating our responsiveness to their needs.

In fact, the economic team and other cabinet secretaries just came back from Japan, where we garnered strong interest from major Japanese manufacturing firms. Incidentally, the majority of them are already happily situated in Batangas.

They are very eager to expand operations in the country and invest in a wide range of areas like infrastructure, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and ICT. 

We will soon witness and experience the results of every effort, every policy decision, and every investment commitment we have secured.

All these are designed to ensure a more comfortable life for all, lifting 14 million Filipinos out of poverty by the end of the President’s term.

These are all meant to build an inclusive economy that secures the future of every Filipino child. 

It will be an economy with a more secure base of food production, a more efficient logistics backbone, and a more responsive healthcare system.

It will be a Bagong Pilipinas that every Filipino rightfully deserves—one that the next generation will proudly inherit.

And with this, I call upon EJAP—the most competent section of our journalistic community—to continue its fair and insightful reporting on the Philippine economic story.

We may agree and disagree on many things, but our common goal remains: to build a better country and widen public economic literacy. As the evangelists of modern economic thinking, you play a critical role in helping us get there.

Rest assured, the Department of Finance is ready to listen and provide you with the latest data and insights into our policy horizons. Let us keep our channels of dialogue open and active.

Maraming salamat po at mabuhay kayong lahat!


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