Wegotmail: Old-school courtship in the digital age: Is love still genuine?


In today's era, the utilization of social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram has become commonplace for Gen Z and Millennials. These tools are used for communication with family, schoolmates, and loved ones. Historically, approaches to courtship were far more challenging. I recall my father courting my mother in a traditional, arduous manner, involving acts like seeking parental approval, doing chores, or serenading with a heartfelt "harana." These practices, steeped in conservative values, seem to have faded into obscurity. Today’s youth and young adults often view these old-fashioned methods as "baduy" (tacky) or awkward.

However, the essence of courtship remains strikingly similar to the past, albeit with modern twists. Our grandparents, the Baby Boomers, might have used "harana" or "kundiman" to express their love. Nowadays, the same sentiments might be conveyed through a live feed or a TikTok video. One instance I witnessed involved a live-streamed courtship, which, though cringy, resonates with today’s youth.

In the past, love letters with highfalutin language or Hallmark cards with poignant quotes were common ways to express affection. Now, it's much easier – just a matter of "copy and paste." Courtship today has become a more straightforward affair, facilitated by online searches for romantic quotes or even daily horoscopes to decide the best moment to message a crush.

With the advent of dating apps and social media, finding love online has become more accessible. It’s possible to connect with someone from Davao to anywhere in the world. The internet simplifies the process of reaching someone's heart. But does this ease of connection mean the love is genuine or has substance?

The concept of courtship may be evolving, but it still revolves around the same core principles. Social media and dating sites have revolutionized how people meet and develop relationships, making it easier to find a partner. Yet, we must remember that true love stems from genuine effort and sincerity.

Well, while technology has transformed the methods of courtship, the goal remains the same: to connect with and win the heart of a loved one. So, whether through traditional means or modern methods, it's the effort and authenticity behind the actions that ultimately matter in the journey to find love.

— George Evan B. Cuadrillero


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