Wegotmail: Paging Municipality of Governor Generoso


Dear Sunstar,

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen, and I request that this email remain anonymous.

Several months ago, the Municipality of Governor Generoso faced severe flooding due to heavy rains, affecting numerous barangays and households. In response to this crisis, cash assistance was announced to be provided to affected families. However, distressing reports have surfaced indicating that the distribution of cash to households affected by the floods has been influenced by political factors, biases, and unfair practices. It deeply troubles us to learn that families in need of assistance are being denied support simply because they did not vote for certain officials in the last election. Despite suffering significant losses due to the floods, these families are being overlooked based on their political affiliations. The people of Governor Generoso demand transparency and believe that it is imperative that the list of names receiving assistance be made public.

Unfortunately, some political officials may overlook the pleas of the people until they are brought to public attention. Therefore, we are urging for assistance in raising awareness about this issue to garner the attention of political officials. We hope that Sunstar Davao can serve as a channel and voice for those who are seeking help. We trust in your commitment to delivering information and believe that your platform can help shed light on this matter, prompting the necessary action from those in positions of authority.


A Concerned Citizen


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