Wegotmail: Reclaiming independence Part 2

Promoting harmony and social cohesiveness is essential during sociopolitical unrest and governmental distrust. This day may serve as a rallying cry for unity, peace, and tolerance, side-by-side with accountability, justice, and the rule of law. It is an opportunity to heal divisions, settle disputes judiciously, and work toward a more cohesive and cognitively-aligned society. Addressing the many issues we confront today requires embracing this message of collaboration.

Meanwhile, development and economic empowerment are two more critical Freedom Day topics. The occasion might serve as a reminder of the value of financial freedom and availability of options. It is a chance to discuss and push for laws that help small companies in the area, encourage sustainable growth, and raise the standard of living for all Filipinos. True independence requires economic prosperity for all, and this day might motivate efforts in that direction.

Another crucial element is adopting a global viewpoint grounded on the socio-cultural context. On this Independence Day, we can consider our role in the world. It promotes unity with other countries, especially those engaged in relevant battles for liberty, sovereignty, and advancement. We stand to gain much from this global perspective, which has the potential to foster international cooperation and mutual assistance.

On last year's Freedom Day, Senator Risa Hontiveros said, "Our struggle for freedom did not finish with the heroes of the past. We resist tyranny by some of our people, oppression by foreign powers, and poverty today." Her remarks serve as a reminder that work toward a fair and just society is still ongoing. She continues to urge us to follow a tough but noble course that never abandons those most in need.

It is essential to understand that independence entails more than just the absence of problems like debt, poverty, unemployment, crime, corruption, and foreign aggression. In response to critics who wonder why the nation should celebrate when these social ills are still there, independence concerns the right and opportunity to confront and combat them. The extent of our freedom is gauged by our ability to express opinions, organize protests, and demand better governance. The very ability to advocate these is a cause for celebration in itself.

Today, albeit incomplete, we honor resilience, embrace hope, and reaffirm the liberties that we have won so far. Let us unite to learn from history, fight against inequality, and demand progressive governance. As we continue to fight for complete independence, let us value our won liberties and work toward a more equitable society. Together, let us claim and strive for a future where every Filipino is free from oppression, repression, and suppression.


By Herman M. Lagon – Doc H fondly describes himself as a 'student of and for life' who, like many others, aspires to a life-giving and why-driven world grounded in social justice and the pursuit of happiness. His views do not necessarily reflect those of the institutions he is employed or connected with.

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