Wegotmail: Statement of Rep. Raul C. Tupas on joining the CA


I am humbled and honored to join the Commission on Appointments, the constitutional body that scrutinizes the fitness and qualifications of presidential nominees and appointees that under the Constitution require the confirmation of the Commission.

As CA Member, I recognize the meticulous and circumspect work in the vetting of appointments taking at heart that the power of approval or disapproval should be exercised to protect and enhance the public interest.

As a former military officer and a former Chairperson of the Committee on National Defense and Security, I hope to contribute to the confirmation of Senior Officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) officers from the rank of Colonel or Naval Captain to ensure that those elevated to senior and high-ranking positions are men and women of integrity and character.

These officers are key actors in crafting and executing national security policies to secure the sovereignty of the State, protect the integrity of our national territory, and ensure internal stability.

I am of the belief that the overwhelming majority of those who are presented to the Commission are competent and trustworthy senior officials of the National Govt who have the best interest of their service, their institution and our nation at heart.

I bring these perspectives to further the works of the Commission on Appointments as it performs its check and balance role to ensure the efficient and harmonious functioning of the government. 

Rep. Raul “Boboy” C. Tupas  

5th District of Iloilo, Vice-Chair, Committee on National Defense & Security


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