Piccio 1st-ever plus-size to win Mutya ng Dabaw

Piccio 1st-ever plus-size to win 
Mutya ng Dabaw
Photo by Ramcez Villegas

The newly-crowned Mutya ng Dabaw is the first-ever plus-size Dabawenya to win the most prestigious local beauty-and-brain pageant and an advocate of body positivity.

Mutya candidate number 3 Hanna Maj Piccio, who is 22 years old and a law student, bested the other 28 candidates during the Mutya ng Davao 2024 on Friday evening, March 15, at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) gymnasium.

She also got several special awards such as Best in Talent and Miss Ecotourism. 

This is Piccio’s second time joining the competition and she is firm in her belief in body positivity. She joined Mutya ng Dabaw 2023 and made it to the finals but failed to grab the crown.

Before joining the competition, she opened a plus-size boutique that offers clothing for all body types.

“I am here for every Dabawenya who has ever been discriminated against for their body,” she said during the announcement of Top 15.

“I am here to stop barriers and stereotypes that have plagued women for so long,” she continued.

One of her main driving forces is to challenge the beauty standards set by people and empower every Dabawenya no matter their size.

Piccio revealed in a media interview that winning the pageant felt surreal, especially for a “big girl” like her, saying that it is unheard of in the pageant industry. 

“I hope this would be the sign for people to really take that step towards inclusivity and also just try to better themselves and make sure that they won’t obsess too much in their appearance,” she said.

She expressed that after winning she will create a Facebook page named “The Mutya Channel” where they will post everything that she and her court will be doing during their reign for transparency. She said they would be doing school caravans promoting body positivity for teachers, parents, and students.

Apart from being a body positivity advocate, she is also an ecotourism advocate, campaigning and empowering influencers in promoting the national wonders of the city. 

During the final question and answer portion, the candidates were asked, “As Mutya ng Dabaw, how will you use your platform to encourage young Dabawenyas to be part of initiatives that promote love for Davao City?”

Piccio’s winning answer was, “I've always believed that Mutya ng Dabaw is not just a title or crown. It is a job. Therefore, it is my job to invest in our people. I advocate for body positivity, that's why I always believe that it starts at the grassroots. It starts with our women. We have to make sure that their self-confidence and self-acceptance is intact.”

“I would do that by focusing in schools. Information settings, they will grow to be functioning individuals that would love Davao City like I do. 'Cause I've always believed that a Mutya ng Dabaw [is] more than beauty queens at heart, she is [also] a woman of action,” she added.

Meanwhile, Mutya number 6 Jan Marine Rendon is the Diwa ng Dabaw 2024 while Mutya number 10 Euanne Preglo is Sinag ng Dabaw 2024.

The Pag-asa ng Dabaw is Mutya number 30 Fredelma Nova Corporal and the Patnubay ng Dabaw is Mutya number 11 Abigail Balili.

For the special awards, Mutya number 26 Charlene Mamparo is Miss Congeniality, Mutya number 10 Euanne Preglo is Miss Photogenic and Best in Mindanao Tapestry, and Mutya number 22 Krissane Kayelle Melchor is Best in Tourism Campaign, 

Mutya number 30 Fredelma Nova Corporal is Best in National Costume and Best in Evening Gown. The People’s Choice Award is Mutya number 1 Feve Marey Jison. RGP


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