Possessed by evil spirit?

Suspect in stabbing incident claims he did not know what he was doing
Possessed by evil spirit?

The suspect behind the killing of two women deeply regretted his action and blamed the evil spirit for possessing him.

Suspect Marcial Gonzales, 52, explained that even though he apologized to the victim's relatives, there was nothing he could do because he would never be forgiven.

“Bisan pa og mangayo kog pasaylo, dili na mahitabo nga pasayluon ko, nahimo naman nako… sangko sa langit akong pagmahay, wala napod ko kabalo sa akong nahimo atong mga orasa (Even if I ask for forgiveness, what I did was totally unforgivable. I totally regret what I did. I don't know what I was thinking during that time),” Gonzales said.

The suspect also said that he was still drunk when he returned to his rented boarding house, and he saw that the victims, Jessel Joy Casantao Indoy, 15, and Cora Oral Ansagit, 20, were still lying down.

“Gikuha dayon nako ang kutsilyo sa akong kuwarto dayon gipangdunggab nako sila, wala na gyud ko kabalo sa akong gihimo, mora kog nasudlan og espiritu sa satanas (I immediately took the knife from my room and stabbed them, I didn't know what I was doing anymore, it's like I was being possessed satan’s spirit),” ingon sa suspek.

The suspect also said that he was the reason why the two victims were staying in the other room.

“Akoy dahilan diha sila namuyo, kay ako man nag-renta diha, tapos gipapuy-an na lang nako sa ilaha ang pikas kuwarto, tag P15 ang adlaw, nakaila na nako sila sa palengke sa Bankerohan, wala man daw sila’y mapuy-an (I was the reason they stayed there, because I am the one who is renting that house, then I let them live in the other room at P15 a day, I met them at the Bankerohan market. They didn’t have a place to live),” the suspect narrated.

The suspect added that there were nights when the two victims were too noisy and that angered him, especially when their alleged boyfriends were around.

“Ginabadlong nako sila sa ilang kasabaan, labi na og mandala sila sa ilang mga uyab, perteng sabaa (I reprimanded them for their noisiness, especially when they bring around their boyfriends, they were too noisy),” he said.

On Wednesday evening, January 3, the suspect had a drinking spree with his fellow laborers in Bankerohan. Gonzales returned to his rented place drunk.

After he killed the two, he told the neighbors to call 911.

An autopsy was also conducted on the dead bodies of the two victims to determine whether they had been molested since the lower clothes of one of the victims had been taken off, while the other had her upper clothes taken off, too.

The suspect was arrested through a joint operation by the authorities of the Davao Region at the Kapatagan bus terminal in Digos City, a few hours after the crime on January 4.

The suspect was charged with murder on January 5, 2023, according to San Pedro Police Station Commander Police Major Marvin Hugos. JPC


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