Saestremera: Forgiveness

Saestremera: Forgiveness

Topmost in the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui of the Pranic Healing School that I am part of is forgiveness.

The Christians among us have come across that Bible verse where Peter asked Christ how many times one has to forgive. “Up to seven times?”

Jesus replied: “I say to you, not up to seven times, but seventy times seven.”

But of course, human as we are, we refuse. We hold grudges. We relegate a person to out list of the “never to be trusted or never to be dealt with again”.

Forgiving is difficult.

Every time I raise that among the Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs) at the Davao City Jail Women’s Dormitory where we hold a meditation and pranic healing service every Monday as part of my Healing Hearts Bears livelihood project, I can see the smirks, the smiles that are forced, and smiles of contempt; you can feel the resistance.

That is what makes the pranic healing school more enticing. Master Choa devised a technique to forgive without seeking out the person. You can even cut off a person and send him off in peace at a distance, in your peaceful home setting and without him knowing. (His soul would know, but he wouldn’t).

“Inner forgiveness gives you the ability to grow, to be free, and it also allows you to generate positive karma,” Master Choa writes in “Experiencing Being: The Golden Lotus Sutras on Life”.

Positive karma! Cool. If you’re feeling a bit weighed down and not getting quite into the groove, check your grudge account and see how many are there. It’s time to let go because Jesus Christ would not have said forgive seventy times seven times if He didn’t know that this is for our good.

I can hear the grumblings of the readers about people who have wronged them and that their grudge or anger is justified. Master Choa has the answer to that.

“Just because you forgive somebody does not mean that you have to allow the person to beat you up. Forgive and keep your distance,” Master Choa writes in the same sutras. Forgive and bask in your good karma. Forgive and let the person deal with his karma.

It’s easy, right?

The practical teachings in the pranic healing school equip you with the tools to deal with life’s challenges, whether in health, relationships, finances, or spirituality. And it aligns with what the Holy Teachings are saying, whether it be Christian, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, or whatever spiritual teachings. No, contrary to what others are whispering about (yes we are aware, thank you), this is a school on the Lighted Path. But don’t believe me. See it for yourself.

This forgiveness ritual we have learned has been a tool in my workplace, I even shared it with a

colleague when I felt the heaviness of her aura. I pray that she continues to forgive as I go my merry way, skipping and singing with joy for the outpouring of blessings because I forgave.


By the way, Master Choa says that crimes committed have to be dealt with in court, Justice has to prevail. Forgive and let go, and let justice do its work.

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