Saestremera: The better way

Saestremera: The better way

I’m playing this word game on my mobile, it’s called Zen Word. I chose it because while it runs ads, it doesn’t run 30-seconders, just 10s.

In the beginning, I was going for the bonuses. A 30-coin bonuses for watching a 30-second ad, a 10, 30, and 50-coin bonus for playing Koi race. And a 5, 15, 30-coin bonus for three rounds of the daily challenge. Those, including the regular game rack up the points, but not much. I’d go down to less than 2,000 coins, which I’m not comfortable in. 

After several attempts to rack up coins but losing more because you need 80 coins for a one-letter clue and 240 coins for a four-letter clue. That means I’d be spending more if I use the clues. That was frustrating. But then I paused and observed where my coins were coming from the most.

It was when I realized, I can earn not through the bonuses that consume much time, but through finding words that aren’t in the grid.

Like a 7-letter word will have 4 blanks for 3-letter words but you can make more, and these additional words gather points, you can easily gather 100 points in 3 just levels.

Reflecting on that, I see the goings-on around me. The people still caught in the rat race, grabbing every bonus they can get their hands on when the treasure is really right where you are.

I see them doing their utmost to make people know they are the boss because they have invested so much in that boss image. Along with the boss are those who bask in the shared light of their bosses, their masters.

While here within, where we are now lies the means to get farther and reach higher.

But as I always say, to each his own journey. They have chosen that path where everyone can become an adversary in the race for bonuses and clues.

I take the quiet, almost unnoticed road where the rewards are high and the pursuit becomes more fulfilling.

In this quiet purpose-filled choice, I need not genuflect to anyone but Creator. In this quiet purpose-filled choice I only see God’s children and creations, not adversaries to go to war against, nor kowtowing minions, and I’m happy that way.

Curious how? Message me. Email:, fb: /saestremera, IG: @saestremera, Tiktok: @stellaestremera


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