Christus Vivit

Christus Vivit

In the series of Dacs-sponsored sports formation sessions with coaches, One of the topics was "Christus Vivit"-Christ is Alive, Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation, which emphasizes the importance of youth engagement and empowerment.

We delve into the world of youth sports and explore how these activities align with the message of Christ's living presence among the young.

It calls upon the Church and society to engage with young people actively. 

Pope Francis emphasizes the need to meet youth where they are, understanding their challenges, aspirations, and unique gifts. 

One powerful medium that forges this connection is through the realm of youth sports. Here are three points shared in the session I wish to share with everyone. Big thanks to Fr. Jboy Gonzales, SJ, for introducing these points.

Unity and fellowship:

"Christus Vivit" highlights the importance of fostering unity and fraternity among the youth. Youth sports are a microcosm of this vision, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering camaraderie, and building lasting friendships. 

In the spirit of Christ's message, athletes learn to appreciate each team member's unique gifts, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.

Witnessing Christ's love in action:

Sports provide a platform for young individuals to witness the Gospel's teachings through action. Coaches, mentors, and teammates exemplify Christ's love and compassion. "Christus Vivit" calls on the Church to inspire young people through words and tangible deeds, and the sports field becomes a space where these deeds manifest.

Teaching humility and gratitude:

In pursuing excellence, young athletes learn the importance of humility and gratitude. 

Acknowledging personal and team achievements with grace is a lesson that resonates with the humility exemplified by Christ. Youth sports instill the idea that success is not solely defined by victories but also by the journey, the relationships formed, and the personal growth experienced along the way.

Youth sports become a dynamic arena where we can live the principles outlined in the apostolic exhortation can be realized. 

Through sports, young individuals can experience Christ's living presence, build character, foster fellowship, and become ambassadors of love, humility, and gratitude in a world that needs these virtues more than ever.


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