Passion, dedication, and support

Passion, dedication, and support

The City of Davao has once again proved its mettle with the remarkable achievements of its young athletes in the recent Batang Pinoy and Philippine National Games (PNG).

In securing third and fourth place, respectively, the victories are a testament to the passion, dedication, and unwavering support from key stakeholders that fuel the dreams of these budding sports talents. 

Behind every triumph is a story of dedication and hard work. Davao City's Batang Pinoy and PNG participants exemplify the values of discipline and commitment. 

Many of these young athletes balance their rigorous training schedules with academic responsibilities, demonstrating unwavering dedication to their education and chosen sports.

Coaches, trainers, and parents are crucial in molding these young talents. Through their guidance, athletes develop physical skills, mental fortitude, and resilience. 

The coaching staff's dedication contributes significantly to the success of Davao's youth on the national stage.

The success of Davao's Batang Pinoy and PNG teams is only possible with the robust support from critical stakeholders. Local government units, educational institutions, and private sponsors rally behind these young athletes, providing the necessary resources and infrastructure for training and competitions.

As these young athletes celebrate their achievements, the community can take pride in the role it plays in nurturing the next generation of sports stars. 

Notes from the sidelines: 

GameOn expresses its heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family of the late BJ Enerio and Coach Ronnel Tibay, who were both esteemed former colleagues in AdDU Sports. Our thoughts and sympathies are with you during this difficult time. May their souls find eternal peace.


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