The Best OPM Albums of 2023

The Best OPM Albums of 2023

ANOTHER year has passed, leaving the best memories and the music we all enjoyed. The year 2023 was a great year for Original Pilipino Music (OPM) as there was no shortage of music worth listening to.

Many new names showcased their talents and even dominated radio airwaves and streaming platforms. Other longtime artists re-released or even reinvented some of their iconic tracks.

In the era of streaming, these artists still pushed to have their artistry compiled in an album or EP (extended play). And we are blessed to continue experiencing listening to albums, with some even releasing it on vinyl.

SunStar Davao lists down some of the best OPM albums released in 2023.

NOTE: "On Repeat" are tracks worth repeating to listen to.

Sad Songs and Bullsh*t Part 1 - juan karlos
Sad Songs and Bullsh*t Part 1 - juan karlos

1. SAD SONGS AND BULLSH*T PART 1 - juan karlos

Juan Karlos Labajo, the Cebuano rocker, who skyrocketted his success as a product of The Voice Kids, dropped his third album under his band, juan karlos.

The album is a product of his personal experience, following his breakup with ex-girlfriend Maureen Wroblewitz.

"Tara na't masaktan, medyo mapanakit," a part of the chorus from the title track is already a hint on how the album would feel. True enough, JK transposed us to how he was feeling.

From the explicit crunching "ERE" to the heartbreak closing track "Tapusin Na Natin ‘To" with Paolo Benjamin of Ben&Ben (what an icing on the cake.)

SSOB is a no-holds-bar album, which unleashed his raw artistry. Can't wait for the Part 2. I wonder how much it could get.

ON REPEAT: "ERE", "may halaga pa ba ako sayo??", "Gabi (feat. Zild of IV of Spades)", and "Sad Songs and Bullsh*t"



The year 2023 was really a rollercoaster ride for the PPop kings SB19. From the "Pagsibol" era which propelled them further to stardom, this year proved how unstoppable they are despite enduring many challenges, including losing their name, which (thanked God) was resolved. "Pagtatag" definitely summed it up. 

Just like their previous materials, the EP has a mix of upbeat and ballads.

"GENTO" became part of the viral dance trend of 2023, which were even danced by international artists 2NE1’s Minzy, CRAVITY’s Hyeongjun and Taeyoung, LAPILLUS’s Yue and Chanty. All thanks to TikTok.

The six-track EP is one of the albums we can boastly share to the world that Filipinos aren't just great singers but also good songwriters.

ON REPEAT: "GENTO (not surprising)", and "Ilaw"

Sweet Nothings - Denise Julia
Sweet Nothings - Denise Julia

3. SWEET NOTHINGS - Denise Julia

If you just encountered the name Denise Julia, you might have heard her song "B.A.D." (feat. P-Lo) on TikTok or on your friend's Instagram story.

In fact, you'd be surprise to know that she's a Filipina. Yes, that's right.

To further introduce herself to the local scene, Denise released her mini-album "Sweet Nothings" two months before the year ends.

Her album, a concept of love, heartbreaks, regrets, and other emotional turmoil, is a perfect blend of the early 2000’s R&B and jaz to the modern-day trap soul, offering a new kind of direction of Filipino R&B.

ON REPEAT: "B.A.D.", "Lackin'", and "butterflies (2 a.m. Version)"



There's no such thing as an accident, if we're talking about rising to the mainstream field.

Alternative hip-hop group PLAYERTWO, who hails from Davao City, found viral success with their goofy single, “That’s My Baby.”

PLAYERTWO is composed of five members, namely, Wave P, Luke April, and Ivo Impreso, as rappers and producers, with creative directors Ven Villariza and DJ PUHKEN all hailing from Davao. 

"Happy Accidents" is an experiment with different sounds or subgenres. It also proved to be one of the best albums this year because of its fun vibe. The energy they are giving is highly infectious.

From being out-of-nowhere kids to future superstars, believe me when I say this that, again that their success isn’t an accident.

ON REPEAT: “That's My Baby”, “What's On My Mind”, “Chasing Kites”, and “Tiktiktokin”

Daisy - Unique Salonga
Daisy - Unique Salonga

5. DAISY - Unique Salonga

Unique Salonga never fails to surprise his fans. After the successful release of his two solo albums, “Grandma”, and “Pangalan”, the former IV of Spades frontman offers something with “Daisy.” Compared to his two albums, which were a bit dark and somber, for Daisy, it's quite laid back and very catchy. The chorus would hook up to an emotional ride despite having only six tracks.

According to O/C Records, Unique's label, the album was conceptualized utilizing "selected sound," which is quite different from the synthesizer and guitar-driven tracks from the previous materials.

The label further explained that the album title "symbolizes simplicity, peace, and love," which is evident to how the album resulted.

If there is one thing that the album lacks is that we could have further enjoyed it if it had offered more tracks to listen to.

Overall, the nostalgia was worthwhile, and it's surprising how Unique never felt any pressure in releasing bittersweet yet bold concepts in his album.

He has lived up to his name. Truly a "unique" artist we need more in the industry.

ON REPEAT: Panahon”, “Kabanata”, and “Haring-Araw”

REIMAGINED - Yeng Constantin
REIMAGINED - Yeng Constantin

6. REIMAGINED - Yeng Constantino

Yeng Constantino surprised her fans when she announced that she bought the masters of all of her catalogs from her former label, Star Music (ABS-CBN's music label) — a move almost similar to fellow singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

Anyways, going back to "Reimagined," Yeng added some vibrance to some of her timeless hits, nearly two decades after it was released. Despite the changes in its arrangement, it’s still heartwarming and full of emotions.

Her new version of the 2007 hit “Salamat” offers different feels but still the same message of gratitude to those who stood by her side through highs and lows.

As the Pop Rock Royalty walks through a new musical journey under a new label, we can’t help but look forward to what she will offer in the future.

ON REPEAT: “Salamat”, and “Ako Muna”



Hev Abi may not yet be a household name as Gloc9, Loonie, or even the late Master Rapper Francis M., but mind you, his brand of rhyme and bar would help cement his status in the Pinoy hip-hop community.

Thanks to some of his hit singles “WELCOME2DTQ” and “Para sa Streets”, a newcomer is slowly gaining the success he truly deserves.

While the two tracks are not included in his debut album, it doesn't make the entire album less significant.

The album tackles love and friendship, which is evident with a number of featured artists.

The album has an influence of Western beats. To name a few: Drake, XXXTENTACION, and Juice WRLD (RIP XXX and Juice).

“Kung Alam Mo Lang” literally speaks of what we don’t know about him. And we just might have to find out for ourselves.

ON REPEAT: Alam Mo Ba Girl”, “Sumugal”, and “From Torillo, With Love”

GABAY-syd harta
GABAY-syd harta

8. GABAY-syd harta

Syd Hartha (stylized as ‘syd hartha’) is one of the young talented singer-songwriters in this generation right now. 

After breaking into the local music scene in 2018 with her debut single “tila tala,” the 21-year-old singer finally released her debut extended play "Gabay," which addresses her personal struggles and reclaiming her identity.

“Gabay" is a journey of the singer’s trauma, heartbreak, pandemic stress, and healing, all of which help in confronting emotional truths.

"['Gabay'] is a compilation of different stories from my adventures and misadventures as a young woman," she said in a statement. "It mainly talks about healing and taking control over your own destiny; letting go of the past, and getting to know yourself again."

This album can serve as a “guide” and inspiration to heal from their own personal struggles.

ON REPEAT: “gabay”, and “kung nag-aatubili”


9. COM•PLEX-Felip

Felip (Ken) has been associated as the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist of the Filipino boy band SB19. As a solo artist, he builds a name for himself, something we don’t get to (see) and hear. 

In COM•PLEX, we get to hear his innermost thoughts in both English and Cebuano. 

If there is one thing this album surprises is that we get to hear his other side, shying away from the confinement of the stardom that he surely enjoys with his SB19 bandmates.

Felip gave his A’TIN fans a diary of his growth as an artist, and that we need to accept the complexities of life, as the main theme of his album.

ON REPEAT: “Criminal”, “MicTest”, and “ Rocksta”

3RD TIME’S A CHARM-Zack Tabudlo
3RD TIME’S A CHARM-Zack Tabudlo

10. 3RD TIME’S A CHARM-Zack Tabudlo

Every GenZ won’t be alienated by the name Zack Tabudlo. The rising star skyrocketed his success after releasing some of his “hugot” tracks namely “Nangangamba”, “Binibini”, and “Pano”, which were all breaking into the charts.

For his third album, Zack shared in an interview that this project is his “most personal, vulnerable, and honest album.”

The album is a mix of big hits and new tracks for his fans to listen to. Surprisingly, "Pano", "Asan Ka Na Ba", and "Yakap" were included in the tracklist.

While the album was overall great, some tracks kind of didn’t fit in the album. But it’s not for me to elaborate. You’d be the one to judge.

ON REPEAT: "Pano", "Asan Ka Na Ba", "Gusto", "Ano Ba Meron Tayong Dalawa", and "Ako Nalang Kasi"



LOVES7AGE is a collection of her previously released singles, with an addition of fresh tracks.

2023 is truly a blessed year for Filipino R&B fans as we get to hear fresh voices from Filipina artists.

The album is a collection of the different stages of love, both ups and downs, which its listeners would enjoy.

Just Hush, Thirdflo, and Arthur Nery are also part of the seven-track album.

By now, DENȲ has already built a cult of listeners, and we can't wait for what's in store. There's no denying that DENȲ is a fresh face worth paying attention to.

ON REPEAT: "FG2GF", "Mahiyain", and "Sabik"


12. TANONG-Maki

Albums with themes and concepts are always fun to listen to. And Maki's "Tanong" adds up to my favorite concept album.

"Tanong" is a five-track project that features new songs consisting of “Sigurado?”, “Kailan?”, “Siguro…?” and his viral hits “Saan?” and “Bakit?”. 

According to Maki, the album follows themes of uncertainty and dealing with confusion from love lost.

There's no questioning his talent. What we wanted to ask, however, is how far Maki can go in search of his personal journey.

ON REPEAT: “Saan?”, “Kailan?”, and “Sigurado?”


13. CHICOSCI-Chicosci

One of the Filipino rock bands that revolutionized the emo scene in the early 2000s, Chicosci’s self-titled album was released in 2006. However, it was only released on digital streaming platforms this year, which somehow qualifies to be included in this list.

Kids in the 2Ks would have probably seen or heard these songs heavily rotated on MTV and Myx, with some even topping the charts, such as “A Promise”, “7 Black Roses”, “Chicosci Vampire Social Club”, and “Last Look”.

In the 2023 version, the album is packaged in all red, which represents the blood thirst of the fan’s eagerness to have the experience of feeling nostalgic once again.

As we relieve our emo youth, let’s celebrate and toast to it.

ON REPEAT:  “7 Black Roses”, “Chicosci Vampire Social Club”, and “Sweet Maria”



One of the sole KPop groups composed of all Pinoy members, I think they deserve to be in this roster.

It’s always our goal as Filipinos to have our music expanded in the global music scene, and we are glad that Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus, collectively known as HORI7ON, are very persevering in their goals to be global superstars.

HORI7ON is the first Filipino band to debut in South Korea. Friend-SHIP was released in July 2023.

As a non-KPop listener, I would admit that it is still far from becoming the best KPop album. But the boys had offered something unique to their fans, and would-be fans, and that is to be a part of their journey through their personally-written songs.

This album is something to be proud of. We are hoping that the boy's potential will be unlocked in the upcoming albums.

ON REPEAT: “SIX7EEN”, “METEOR”, and “Mama”



Many artists are propelled to stardom thanks to the social media app TikTok, and indie band Dilaw was blessed to have enjoyed the success they are currently experiencing, thanks to “Uhaw (Tayong Lahat), which was the top song on various radio stations and even on Spotify for the year.

Following the success of “Uhaw”, the band released “Sansinukob” in early 2023. Originally, Uhaw was a soft ballad with minimal instrumentation,  released in late 2022. Following the duo's expansion to a six-piece band, the track was re-released under the title "Uhaw (Tayong Lahat)", transforming the song into a blues rock track changing sonically mid-song.

Sansinukob (translated as ‘universe’ in English), offers a wide range of slow and sonic range instrumentals, which demonstrates the band's fun and serious side as a band.

The album offers a lyrical masterpiece about romance, heartbreak, and even political stand on certain social issues.

The album, however, could have been expanded into a complete album. For now, I guess we would remain “uhaw” ‘til their next release. 

ON REPEAT: “Uhaw (both versions)”, “Kaloy”, “3019”, and “Sansinukob”


Kahimanawari - Silent Sanctuary

ZACK: FOR ALL - Zack Tabudlo

Hometown, Part 2 - Sponge Cola


Kenaniah - Kenaniah

Bloom - Paolo Sandejas

Pilak - Gloc9

Somber - Belle Mariano

Patutunguhan - Cup of Joe

Befriending My Fears - Clara Benin

Late Night Madness - Jeremy G.

Tama Na Ang Drama (2023 Deluxe Edition) - Ang Bandang Shirley

Kung Alam Mo Lang - Hev Abi

Lampara - Wilbert Ross

Being - Jason Dhakal

Betterfly - NOBITA

Chapters - Garrett Bolden

Ysanygo - Ysanygo. RGL


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