UIC student lands in top 10 spot in TOPCIT

UIC student lands in top 10 spot 

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) recently announced the results of the Test of Practical Competency in ICT (TOPCIT) held on November 22, 2023. Among the participants, Ned Palacios from the College of Computer Science emerged as a standout candidate. His exceptional performance placed him in the top 10 nationwide, making him the only individual from Mindanao to achieve this remarkable feat.

In his journey of preparing for the Test of Practical Competency in ICT, Palacios dedicated himself to studying relevant materials and committing them to memory. He went the extra mile, committing the study materials to memory even while he slept, to make sure he was well-prepared. Securing a place in the top 10 nationwide was a significant achievement for Mr. Palacios. He exceeded his own expectations, as he initially aimed to simply pass the test, but ended up surpassing his goals. However, this journey was not without its challenges. He encountered areas that were unfamiliar to him, requiring extra effort and perseverance to overcome.

Being recognized as the sole achiever from Mindanao held great significance for Palacios. It validated the hard work and dedication he put into his studies as a student and a practicing programmer. According to him, this accomplishment also elevated the reputation of his college, the College of Computer Studies, showcasing their advanced curriculum and expertise in the field of ICT.

Throughout the preparation for the TOPCIT, UIC played a crucial role in providing support and resources to Mr. Palacios. The institution showed commitment to the success of its students and aimed to demonstrate its competence in the field of ICT. The guidance and preparation Palacios received from UIC contributed significantly to his performance in the test.

His excellence in the field extends beyond his performance in the test; his heart burned with a passionate fire for transformative projects. The creation of a student portal called “myUIC neo” aimed at enhancing accessibility and comfort for students. Another project, “EMMA,” an AI chatbot, was designed to help students understand the student handbook better. These projects showcased Palacios’s ability to apply his ICT skills to improve the overall student experience and simplify access to essential information.

His experience in the TOPCIT opened his eyes to the broader possibilities in ICT and its practical application. It showed him that “ICT is more than just coding and databases. It is also an integral part of our day-to-day lives, especially in business.”

Palacios’s extraordinary achievement, his place among the nation’s top 10, serves as a resplendent testament to the devotion, hard work, and exceptional abilities of UIC students. Through dedicated preparation, the unwavering support of educational institutions like the UIC, and the guiding light of mentors and role models, students can transcend the boundaries of excellence in ICT, paving the way to the path of service in excellence for others in the community. PR


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