Valderrama: Children in awe of VP Sara

Valderrama: Children in awe of VP Sara

IT WASN’T a circus nor a movie house showing a famous superhero film, but children jumped and giggled with excitement in the gym.

They didn’t see an acrobat, a magician, Spiderman, or Wonder Woman, but it looked like they had seen more. Her name rings more than that; the emcee called her the youngest Vice President (VP) of the Philippines.

And just like that. The children were over the moon and on cloud nine.

These children – 5 to 12 years old – are not into the topics of politics yet, nor do they realize what a Department Secretary is. But they could not contain their excitement when VP Sara Z. Duterte’s name was called.

They went near her, hugged her, and took her hand for the “mano po” gesture. The older children and the teachers beside them would initiate to take a picture, but VP Sara would voluntarily get their camera for a selfie.

VP Sara attended the launching of the National Reading Month at Kapitan Tomas Sr. Central Elementary School in Davao City on November 10. She read a book in front of the Kindergarten learners, and they listened in awe.

But what is amazing is the sight of children adoring her. If it were another person, it wouldn’t be as intense and warm. But it was her. It was a Duterte.

The Dutertes have carved a niche for themselves, bringing in a unique, courageous leadership for the masses. Former President Rodrigo R. Duterte has captured the hearts of the majority.  VP Sara has her ways too – her beautiful face is one among them.

The other big responsibility of VP Sara as the Education Secretary just came right in time. The children are fond of her. They are exhilarated by the sight of her and the wonder of getting close to her.

That day, she shared the importance of reading and repeatedly said, “nasa pagbasa ang pagasa.” The Department of Education (DepEd) also intensifies the love for reading year-round.

It is always believed that reading is the foundation of all. DepEd Regional Director Allan G. Farnazo, who also always advocates the importance of reading, also mentioned this in the event.

If we can read and understand what we read, we gain more information and understanding of the world around us, develop critical thinking skills, solve problems, and make wise decisions.

DepEd has the Every Child A Reader Program to equip learners in elementary with strategic reading and writing skills to make them independent readers and writers.

When we develop in children a love for reading, we open a light for them. We make them imagine what it would be like. We make them see the world, understand it more, and create one that will always be better.


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