Y-Speak: Beauty of literature

LITERATURE was not my first choice for college. I really dreamt of pursuing Commerce but the university I enrolled in does not have this course. When I found out, I searched for another course to take instead. I thought Education will do for me but I ran out of slots and then Literature opens a door for me.

In the start, I didn’t like Literature. I didn’t understand it. It was only until after a few years that I began to know what my course really is and I found out it was pretty cool. It is not just about writing but also criticizing a novel or poetry. I began to know different kinds of theories that will help me understand a novel or poetry better. It is really fun to be with the course.

It makes me sad sometimes that other people underestimate the wit of literature. Some people think that my course is just a bunch of nothing but let me tell you this; our course is wider than you could imagine.

Some people think that our course is easy because it is just reading, writing, and grammar but to tell you we just don't read as some other people do. Some read a novel in order to escape from reality but we read to interpret.

Some people think that literature students cannot be successful professionally but I know a lot of Literature graduates who are professors, writers, reporters, or editors.

Every course has its own beauty and uniqueness so let's stop criticizing one's course capability. Instead know how to value your course, love it, work hard for it, enjoy, and use it in a good way. (Jan Mariel B. Morcillos/Usep intern)


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