4 fishermen survive 6 days at sea with a fish and by eating seagrasses

4 fishermen survive 6 days at sea with a fish and by eating seagrasses
Photo from Provincial Government of Guimaras

FOUR Guimarasnon fishermen survived after six days at sea by clinging to their capsized boat until they were rescued by fellow fishermen in the waters of Hinoba-an, Negros Occidental.

Wilfredo Estañol, 68; Vicente Tacda, 54; Edward Labios, 43; and Louie Ganea, 16, all residents of Calaya, Nueva Valencia, left on the afternoon of April 9, 2024 to go fishing.

They were expected to return on the morning of April 10 but it did not happen after their boat capsized.

According to Estañol, their companion, Vicente Tacda, stood on the boat to prepare their dinner, causing the boat to lose its balance and capsized.

Estañol tried to keep their boat afloat. If he had not made the effort, one of his companions might have died on their third day at the sea.

After a harrowing six days in the sea, they were emotionally greeted by their family at Ro-Ro Wharf in Hoskyn, Jordan on the afternoon of April 15 where they were delivered by the Philippine Coast Guard ship that transported them from Bacolod City to Guimaras.

They were accompanied by Joe Yusay, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management officer of Hinoba-an town.

Mayor Paul Vincent De La Cruz of Nueva Valencia, Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Teresita Siason, and Nueva Valencia Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer Loren Gallarda were also among those who greeted the rescued fishermen upon their arrival.

Survival of the fittest

Within six days, their net caught only one fish, and they ate seagrasses to overcome hunger.

To quench their thirst, Estañol said they simply wet their mouths with seawater to salivate and to keep their throat moist.

Estañol, who is also the boat owner, encouraged their companions to eat whatever they can catch in the sea even if it is not cooked on fire so that they do not run out of energy.

They also endured the intense heat of the sun while their boat floated in the ocean.

Never giving up

Estañol admitted that there were times when they already lost hope.

He said that if not for his encouragement, some of his colleagues might not have made it home alive.

The four fishermen have appealed for help from several boats that passed through them but they were ignored.

The desire to return to their family alive is what gave them the strength to remain strong while waiting for someone to help them.

Their prayers were answered when a group of fishermen from the town of Hinoba-an found and helped them.

According to Estañol, they consider their saviors to be their "guardian angels."

The Municipal Government of the town of Hinoba-an immediately came to the aid of the rescued fishermen.

Siason said the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management officer of Hinoba-an immediately called to inform her that the fishermen had been rescued, and she immediately conveyed the information to Mayor De La Cruz.

The Municipality of Hinoba-an also took care of the hospitalization of the fishermen after they were rescued and gave them a small amount of cash.

The Provincial Government of Guimaras, through the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, handed to the fishermen relief packs that include half sack of rice, canned goods, and noodles. (PR)


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