Cultural excellence on full display at Dinagyang Festival

Cultural excellence on full display at Dinagyang Festival
Photo from Iloilo Dinagyang Festival

THE Dinagyang Festival 2024 showcased the rich tapestry of Filipino heritage through a vibrant display of culture and tradition.

This year's event in Iloilo City featured a series of competitions that showcased various aspects of cultural excellence.

Tribu Pan-ay from Fort San Pedro National High School was named the winner of the Dinagyang Tribes Competition 2024 on January 28, 2024.

Managed by Melanie J. Tabaculde and assisted by Ian T. Tacsagon, the tribe boasts an impressive team, including choreographer Lonelle Robles Carado, musical director Jeepy Henson, dance masters Luigi Bas and Mally Ramos, and costume designers Joemel G. Mirabuena and Michael Apiladas.

Roque Magsipoc serves as the artistic director, with Joemel Mirabuena as the production manager, supported by Team Agoa, Jimmy Abelarde, and their team.

Tribu Pan-ay, a vibrant city with a rich history, is known for its vibrant Iloilo Dinagyang Festival, which attracts a diverse group of 90 dancers, 60 musicians, 218 propsmen, and 250 support group members.

They were the fourth runner-up in 2006 and 2007, achieved first runner-up in 2009, and won various awards, including Best in Discipline and Best in Street Dancing in 2010.

In 2011, Tribu Pan-ay achieved remarkable success at the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival, securing the title of Champion and earning accolades for Best in Performance, Best in Choreography, and Best Choreographer.

The same year, 2011, they continued their winning streak by also becoming champions at the Aliwan Festival.

Their exceptional performance streak extended into 2012, when they once again dominated the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival.

Their achievements were even more impressive, as they were not only crowned champions but also received awards for Best in Performance, Best in Choreography, Best Choreographer, Best in Music, Best Costume Designer, and Best in Costume.

The 2012 Aliwan Festival saw them win the champion title again, showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication to performance, further solidifying their dominance in the cultural festival circuit.

Tribu Pan-ay performed at the Dinagyang Festival in New York, Washington DC, and Guam, USA, in 2011, bringing pride and excitement to Filipinos abroad.

Their international performance in Guam in July 2012 further showcased the festival's spirit.

In 2015, the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival was ranked fourth runner-up, followed by second runner-up in 2016, and fourth runner-up in 2017.

Dinagyang Tribes Competition

Tribu Pan-Ay won the Dinagyang Tribes Competition, earning the Best in Music title.

The first runner-up was Tribu Paghidaet, who also received the award for Best in Production Design.

Tribu Ilonganon secured the second runner-up position and dominated several categories, winning Best in Discipline, Best in Sadsad, and Best in Costume Design and Headdress.

The third runner-up was Tribu Mandu-Riyaw, and Tribu Salognon took the fourth runner-up spot.

Tribu Silak was recognized for their exceptional artistry, winning both Best in Choreography and Best in Performance.

Kasadyahan sa Kabanwahanan

The Kasadyahan sa Kabanwahanan 2024 event showcased vibrant cultural festivities, with the Tultugan Festival emerging as the grand champion.

This festival also swept major awards, excelling as the Best in Music, Best in Performance, Best in Choreography, and Best in Discipline.

Following closely, the Jalaud Festival emerged as the first runner-up, receiving accolades for Best in Production Design, Best in Costume Design and Headdress, and Best in Street Dancing.

The Kaing Festival was honored as the second runner-up, marking its own significant achievement in this prestigious event.

ILOmination 2024

Tribu Sidlangan emerged as the champion in the ILOmination 2024, winning several categories including Best in Performance, Costume Design, Lighting Design, and Discipline.

Tribu Sagasa secured the first runner-up position and won the Best in Choreography award.

Tribu Manduriyaw was named the second runner-up, earning the Best in Music award.

ILOmination and Floats Parade of Lights

In the Floats Parade of Lights, Sagility led as champion, followed by Palawan Pawnshop and IPI.

Sponsors Mardi Gras

The overall champion of the festival was Panay Energy Development Corp., which also secured the accolades for the Best Streetdance Performance and Best Festive Marquee.

Jollibee Foods Corp. won multiple awards at Mardi Gras 2024, including Best Festive Music, Best Festive Headdress, Best Festive Mascot, Best Festive Costume, and Best Festive Choreography.

Sadsad sa Calle Real

The Sadsad sa Calle Real 2024 event celebrated various winners.

Tribu Molave won the Darling of the Crowd and People's Choice Awards, as well as Best in Music.

Tribu Parianon won the Best in Costume award in the fashion category.

Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas expressed pride in Dinagyang's world-class performance, stating that Ilonggos are proud of their progress.

"I am one with the Ilonggos who are proud of what Dinagyang has evolved to become – world-class performance that dazzled all of us," Treñas said.

Treñas praised President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for his support of the Iloilo Dinagyang Festival 2024.

"On behalf of the Ilonggo community, I am thankful to the President for supporting our Dinagyang Festival. This inspires us even more in the realization of all our Dinagyang endeavors. We hope to inspire others, too, with the way we manage and promote the festival," Treñas said.

In a message, Marcos congratulated the Ilonggos for their festival and urged them to continue their devotion to Señor Sto. Niño.

“Let the Dinagyang Festival serve as a reminder of our collective responsibility to preserve, protect, and promote our identity in these changing times,” Marcos said.

Marcos praised the Dinagyang festival for showcasing the vibrant Iloilo culture and the strong sense of unity and pride among its resilient people.

“It is through this collective effort that we ensure the continuity of the distinct way of life that binds us as one nation, moving ever forward towards a brighter future,” Marcos added.

Treñas expressed gratitude to the Iloilo Festivals Foundation Inc. (IFFI) and San Jose Parish Placer for ensuring the preservation of Ilonggo heritage, culture, and tradition, especially the reverence to Sr. Sto. Niño.

The mayor expressed gratitude to Uswag Ilonggo Partylist Representative Jojo Ang for the P10 million project allocation to the winning Dinagyang school tribe.

Treñas added another P15 million worth of projects as a prize for the champion, making a total of P25 million worth of projects. (Leo Solinap/PR/SunStar Philippines)


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