Catriona Gray on scoliosis: Early detection is important

Catriona Gray on scoliosis: Early detection is important
Photo from Catriona Gray’s Instagram account

MISS Universe 2018 Catriona Gray revealed that she was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the early age of 12.

In her Instagram account, Catriona posted a video for National Scoliosis Month.

"My body and I have gone through a lot together. Admittedly, there have been many times, as I've studied myself in the mirror, seen pictures of myself, or when I try on a piece of clothing that just doesn't sit right -- where the unnatural tilt of my ribs, or hunch of my shoulder has made me feel insecure," she captioned the post.

"My condition, most especially during my stint in international pageantry put me on the receiving end of countless body shaming comments because of the 'unflattering' angles my body creates," she added.

Catriona said that she has Scoliosis just like three million other Filipinos in the country.

"There's something that I have in common with around three million Filipinos -- and that's scoliosis: an abnormal curvature of the spine," she said.

The beauty queen said early detection is important.

"Scoliosis doesn't have to be a limiting condition. If diagnosed early, great progress can be made in limiting the progression of the angle of the curve and also the pain experienced throughout one's life. Because unfortunately, scoliosis is incurable and a lifetime condition," she said.

"And I just wanna say - to whoever is reading this - may you have Scoliosis or just a unique body (as I believe everyone has), you are not limited to just a body shape or ideal. The greatest service your body serves is not to please whatever body ideal is popular or praised by society but to house the beautiful soul - that is you!!" she added.

Catriona hopes that her story can inspire others. (Jessa M. Magbutay, NWSSU Intern)


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