Golden retriever Killua positive for rabies

The golden retriever named Killua.
The golden retriever named Killua.Photo courtesy of Vina Rachelle

THE Philippine Animal Welfare Society (Paws) said on Monday, March 25, 2024, that Killua, the golden retriever who was killed by his fur-parent’s neighbor, tested positive for rabies.

In a statement, Paws advised those who may have bitten or scratched by Killua, including his owners to immediately get post-exposure anti-rabies shots.

“While the result of the testing may not be accurate due to the fact that the body had already been buried for five days prior to testing and may have been contaminated from being in an area where many stray dogs have already been slaughtered, Paws is making this announcement to ensure that any bites or scratches will be reported promptly in the interest of public health and safety,” Paws said in a statement.

“In the BAI’s (Bureau of Animal Industry) Manual of Procedure for Rabies, the standard protocol for an animal suspected to be afflicted with rabies is for it to ‘be observed for 14 days or, in case of highly suspected rabies cases, be humanely euthanized with no damage to the head,’” it added.

Paws said, though, that it will pursue charges against Anthony Solares for animal cruelty, as well as for engaging in dog meat trade.

CCTV footage shows that Solares chased Killua and even poked him while the dog was hiding under a car in order to make it come out so he could beat the animal to death.

After killing the dog, Solares brought him to a known slaughterhouse and dog meat cooking area.

Paws also encouraged those who may have consumed dog meat coming from the area where Killua’s body was found to get post exposure shots.

“They are at great risk. Dog meat traders are not only cruel people but pose a serious threat to public health,” it added. (TPM/SunStar Philippines)


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