Duterte reiterates: Wear mask, observe distancing


AS CASES of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) are again rising and healthcare utilization rates are increasing, President Rodrigo Duterte reminded the nation to comply with the minimum public health standards.

Wear a face mask. Clean your hands. Observe physical distancing.

The President issued these reminders during a televised public address with some Cabinet members Monday, March 8, 2021.

“Social distancing means to say umiwas ka. Then mask, importante ‘yan. Mask, importante talaga. Mabilis makuha mo pagka eh humihinga ka,” he said.

“And maghugas ka ng kamay o kaya magbili ka ng maraming alcohol. Hindi naman -- isang -- dalawang drops lang, patay na ang germs diyan. It’s not so expensive and it’s not something which is consumable sa madaling panahon,” he added.

He also emphasized on proper cough etiquette in public and urged citizens to move away from anybody who is coughing, even if the person is suffering only from ordinary cough and colds.

“And ‘yong mag-ubo sa publiko. Bantay kayo niyan. That’s why social distancing, it’s because if you think the other guy on your right side is coughing heavily, might as well just go away, move yourself a little bit farther,” he said.

Since Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, clings to surfaces, Duterte urged citizens to avoid touching anything.

“Or if you have to hang on something, if you have to hold or touch something even if it is inanimate, maski na ‘yong walang buhay, kahoy, furniture, bantay kayo diyan kay ‘yong umupo diyan, sa restaurant ang umupo diyan mayroon, may naiwan,” he said.

He echoed the observation of health authorities that the rise in cases, especially in Metro Manila, is due to the public’s failure to comply with minimum public health standards.

“Alam mo maraming namatay, marami rin ang may sakit. Ang pinakamataas ngayon Metro -- ang Manila, Manila mismo. Ngayon, anong dahilan nito? Well, ‘yong hindi maniwala sa social distancing, hindi naman naniniwala sa personal hygiene,” he said.

He urged the public to put their trust on the advice of government people, especially if coming from the Secretary of Health. (Marites Villamor-Ilano / SunStar Philippines)


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