Marcos: True spirit of freedom seen in every Filipino overcoming challenges daily

Marcos: True spirit of freedom seen in every Filipino overcoming challenges daily
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PRESIDENT Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said the true spirit of freedom can be seen in every Filipino who fights and overcomes challenges squarely every day.

As the country commemorates the 126th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence, Marcos commended the inspiring Filipinos who overcome daily struggles with diligence, courage, and strength.

He lauded the admirable characteristics of every freedom-loving Filipino exemplified by the country’s farmers, fishermen, teachers and soldiers whose battles are the same as those of their forebears.

“While the times may be different, our struggles remain the same. Still, we continue to witness the true spirit of freedom in every Filipino who fights fairly in their day-to-day lives,” Marcos said.

“We see it in the resilience of our farmers and fisherfolks as they provide us sustenance. We see it in the dedication of our teachers as they nurture the minds of the future generation. We see it in the tenacity of our soldiers as they protect every inch of our territory, adamant as they are in the certainty that Filipinos do not, and shall never, succumb to oppression,” he added.

He also recognized the strong sense of nationalism among Filipinos and their resolve to unite in protecting the freedom passed on to them by their ancestors. He assured the nation that he stands with them in remembering the day 126 years ago in Kawit, Cavite, when the national anthem first played and the Philippine flag was raised.

“A century and a quarter have passed since we unshackled the chains of subjugation yet the fervor of nationalism persistently burns brightly in each of us today. We stand united as ever, upholding with pride the hard-earned liberty bequeathed to us by our forebears,” the President said.

“As we celebrate the founding of our nation today, let us dedicate ourselves to the challenging but rewarding task of realizing the full potential of the Filipinos and building a Bagong Pilipinas—one that truly embodies the ideals of a just, progressive, and independent Republic,” he added. (TPM/SunStar Philippines)


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