Ng: Aivee Clinic wins in 2023, again

The Aivee Clinic: A Decade of Dedication to Beauty and Aesthetics
Ng: Aivee Clinic wins in 2023, again
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THE Aivee Clinic did it again! It won the most coveted 7 Stars Overall Accolade at the Tala Awards 2023 for 10 consecutive years already.

The Aivee Clinic is becoming synonymous as a go-to beauty and dermatological clinic du jour. There are several beauty clinics in Metro Manila but only very few names stand out. Without a doubt, the Aivee Clinic's ongoing success demonstrates that it holds the top position as the most trusted Dermatology and Aesthetics clinic in the country.

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Embracing change and consistently adopting cutting-edge technology is the core principle of the Aivee Clinic. Committed to a relentless pursuit of progress, the Aivee Clinic is in constant collaboration with renowned global brands to enhance and advance their treatments and equipment. It is increasingly evident that a commitment to excellence defines the ethos of the Aivee Clinic.

Under the dedicated leadership of Dr. Aivee and Dr. Z Teo, this prestigious team continues to elevate the Philippines' reputation in the realm of beauty and aesthetics. Simultaneously, the clinic remains unwavering in its dedication to delivering luxurious treatments and state-of-the-art innovations to the Filipino community, adapting gracefully to changing times.

Beyond the beauty treatments or the cutting edge technologically advanced machines that they have, Aivee clinic is first and foremost a dermatology center where both doctors are actually board certified dermatologists. It is a clinic run by real doctor and not aestheticians.

Merz Aesthetic Philippines held its annual Merz Tala Awards at the Shangrila Fort Hotel to recognize partner dermatologists and beauty clinics for their outstanding contributions to aesthetics.

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In this award-giving body, the Aivee Clinic was granted the 7-Star Overall Award, the highest recognition given by Merz Aesthetics Philippines.

Another 7-Star Category Award for Ultherapy, Belotero, and Xeomin and a 5-Star Category Award for Ulthera Control Unit.

The theme for this year is "Confidence to Bloom," and attendees were encouraged to dress in their finest Floral Filipiniana outfits.

Among the ambassadors showing their support for the Aivee Clinic that evening were Yassi Pressman, Cat Arambulo, and Ferdi Salvador.

This recognition is a result of unwavering dedication and hard work in delivering high-quality beauty treatments that contribute to the overall well-being and bolster the self-assurance of their cherished clientele, consistently achieving victory after victory.

In Dr. Aivee’s speech, she said: “Let us not only celebrate these awards but also the values it represents: determination, innovation, teamwork, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Let us carry these principles forward as we continue to make a difference and inspire others along the way.”

Contact Information:

To know more about the Aivee Clinic, visit the website at, follow our Instagram at @theaiveeclinic, or call our hotline at 0917 728 3838.

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