Wise, Edward leave Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team
Photos from Facebook pages of Wise, OhmyV33nus, and Edward

Wise, Edward leave Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team

HOURS after the exit of former Blacklist International (BL) team captain OhMyV33nus, Danerie del Rosario or “Wise” and Edward Dapadap or “Edward” announced their resignation from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) team on Thursday, July 4, 2024.

“Now, I'm ready for the next chapter of my life, where I can grow personally and professionally. I'm excited to collaborate with new people who share my goals and determination,” Edward posted on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Wise posted a photograph of himself along with a joke resignation letter that said: “Bounce na ako mga ssob @Blacklist International, matsala sa all.”

The three played a vital role in many of Blacklist International’s achievements including the clean 4-0 sweep against Onic PH during the M3 World Championships in 2021.

Additionally, MLBB midlaner Yue also announced his leave on the same day, saying that he wanted to experience a new environment and focus on his self-growth.

Eson also posted on Facebook the same day, but celebrated his fourth year with the team instead.

“Salamat, Blacklist pa rin ako,” he said.

Queen’s Exit

At 2:40 a.m. of July 5, 2024, OhMyV33nus announced on Facebook that she has departed from BL, sharing her intention to pursue new opportunities beyond her accomplishments during her time with the team.

“So I left Tier One Entertainment and Blacklist International because I know I would settle if I choose to stay,” she said.

“Home is where I go. Home is anyone who cares about me. Home is the name I’ve built for myself: OHMYV33NUS,” she added.

She ended the post by affirming that she is unafraid of this life transition and emphasizing that she always has herself for support.

The Future of BL

Blacklist International responded to OhMyV33nus expressing their gratitude for the former member’s time with the team regardless of victories and losses.

“In spite of all these losses, nothing hurts more than the departure of a generational talent like you,” Blacklist International said.

“Should we talk about the future? We don’t think we need to break this code right now because today is not about the future,” it added.

Blacklist International has yet to announce its roster for the upcoming MLBB Tournaments after the departure of its key members. (Stephen Enrile, UP Tacloban intern)

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