81st Araw ng Davao from a different point of view

IT WAS before the first light of day of March 16, 2018 when I was roused from sleep by the sound of sirens and wang-wang, which made me jump off the bed. Through squinted eyes, I saw a police car patrolling the deserted street below. A little further, along Roxas Street, was a busy and festive scene. It was the morning of the city’s 81st foundation day and they were getting ready for the parade.

With all the noise, I thought I must as well stay awake and make myself a cup of coffee. It was a good time to catch the sunrise from the 17th floor of the tower I was bunking in. The rising sun, many of which I have caught and documented, was breathtaking. The day’s sunrise was the same, perhaps more special because it was a special day for my hometown.

To be honest, I cannot remember when the last time I watched the parade live. I’ve always caught it on TV because it was more convenient. No heavy traffic to deal with, no standing under the scorching heat, and food and cold water are within reach. Unexciting I know but I am a creature of comfort.

It was the same this year. This time though, “home” was along the street the parade was passing and I can view it from high above ground. Convenient, isn’t it?

At six, the parade started.

I could have gone down on ground level and take photos. But I would not be able to match the shots of the professionals milling about the entire stretch of the parade. Instead I opted to stay in the pad and shoot from another point of view—bird’s eye view. That would be interesting and different, I thought. And I could enjoy my coffee, snacks and the coolness of the abode (it was quite hot that day).

From where I was, I could take shots the streets photographers can't. Let’s just say, the product will be unique, maybe not as artistic as the experts can produce. I liked it anyway.

Happy birthday, Davao! I love my hometown.

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