A 'travel-full' 2017

I TRAVELED well in 2017.

For the past 12 months, I’ve been to places I thought I can’t visit in this age (just refer to the photos to know where I set my feet last year). Some are planned, most are not. Some are for vacation, most are work-related. But all are enriching in different ways.

The opportunity to explore destinations in your own country gave me a chance to meet people of diverse culture, know historical backgrounds of landmarks, understand more preservation and conservation efforts and experience the wonders of the unparalleled Philippine destinations.

More importantly, I learned that traveling is more than just taking photos and posting social media updates. It is exploring by immersing to the community. It is exploring places with a purpose, a purpose of boosting tourism and helping communities in ways possible. When traveling, I had this commitment of leaving no trace and mark. The rule is, help in developing but do no harm. It is called – Responsible Travel.

Last year, I had a chance to fulfill a challenge I long had for myself – to go solo travel. It is liberating and fulfilling.

In traveling, there is more gaining than losing. Yes, it may be expensive but the experience is priceless. But hey, this is me not saying, “hey, go out there, never mind the finances, just do the thing!”

Of course, I do not encourage that, financial planning is always part of traveling responsibly. There is no better feeling than enjoying your vacation because you had enough savings. Together, let’s debunk the thinking of the many that we, millennials, only live with “You only live once” mentality without considering our financial capabilities.

There is growth in traveling. It taught me to be open-minded, courageous and grateful to the blessings we had, no matter how simple they may seem.

As we bid goodbye to 2017, let us remember and live with all the lessons we had and move forward to a better year. Let’s welcome 2018 with no promises, only a commitment to be a better version of ourselves.

This is me greeting you all a prosperous new year and wishing us all more travels and more awesome experiences!


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