Alvarez: Bad boss

I AM sure that no worker would love to be under a bad boss. It is an absolutely dreadful experience to work and try to achieve an organizational goal with a boss that will not only physically drain you but emotionally drain you too.

That said, what are then the types of boss that anyone would not wish to have, even in their dreams? I would like to share to you the types based on my interviews with employees working in both government and private institutions.

Reporter Protector. This is the type of boss that loves subordinates that will report to them all gossips and issues every second. They will give extra care to these people and will even put them into good positions because they knew that all information will be conveyed to them, both positive and negative. They don't care if these people are unproductive and they even cover up for their incompetence.

Goal Disoriented. This is the boss that provides employees unclear directions. This boss gives inputs that have no basis at all. They don't have timelines to follow. People are confused because she or he talks about things that are not aligned with the company's vision and mission. Or maybe he or she actually just reads the organizational manual without fully understanding its meanings.

Conference Focused. This is the kind of boss who is always attending conferences around the world but provides limited opportunities for his or her people to attend to. But when they come back after an official business, they get very disappointed to people who were able to do great tasks in their absence.

Gulo Gulo Buhay (GGB). They arrive very early during meetings but are at lost with the meeting's agenda. They love to express their opinions but when people disagree with them, they get mad and become insane while trying to include theories and concepts to their explanations which cannot back up their thoughts. And so when they are put at a disadvantage position, they become emotional and begin to blame others.

Feedback Amnesia. They are the bosses who are much particular with giving feedbacks, but they cannot actually do it. They usually say "I have to know...", but for many years, they fail to assess, observe and evaluate their subordinates appropriately. They rely so much from the evaluation of other employees.

Acknowledgment Hater. They are the bosses who appreciate subordinates once in three years. And that rare moment of giving compliment is even done privately with nobody to hear.

They are afraid that other people will see their subordinates' progress. They feel that if people's contributions are recognized, people will think that they are not doing anything - which is the truth!

Unjust Disciplinarian. They are the bosses that reprimand the wrong person, instead they ignore those people who are unruly because they cannot beat them or they benefitted much from them. They have cold hearts to those who cry for justice.

Silent Bully. They are the bosses that speak so calm and appear like angels. But they speak rudely about their subordinates. They tell the productive people unworthy statements because they consider them as threats, and they don't tell it to their faces but to others. Also, they do not stop other employees from bullying others, they even enjoy watching it.

Credit Grabber. They are the bosses who will claim ownership at an achievement that is deemed remarkable. Maybe they took part of it but only a little portion of the entire work. In cases when the output is not so good, then these bosses easily say "I did not do this."

I must say that we cannot choose our bosses and maybe one of these types of bosses is your boss this time. Take it easy, life is like a wheel. Your boss might be there on top now, but come on; the tides will turn one day. Expect everything to change. And remember this - strange things happen unexpectedly, like karma.


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