Angeles village pushes for CCTV project in commercial area

ANGELES CITY -- Officials in this city's commercial village of Balibago are now pushing for the approval of a barangay ordinance, which will require business establishments to install closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in their respective premises.

This was learned from Balibago Chairman Rodelio "Tony" Mamac who revealed that they have already consulted owners and managers of nightclubs, spa, restaurants, and other commercial establishments regarding the project.

Mamac said that the installation of CCTV cameras along the streets and in the business center is one of the effective tools to deter, prevent and detect crimes.

The village chief disclosed that the barangay will provide CCTV monitors along the highway and streets which will be linked with the cameras that will be put up individually by the stall owners.

A command center will be established at the barangay hall, which will be manned by several personnel, according to Mamac.

"With the CCTVs, we will see what is happening in the whole commercial district. If there are criminal elements operating, if there was an accident, and other incidents that will help us in the maintenance of peace and order," Mamac said.

Banks, financial institutions, pawnshops, money lenders, money remittance services, money changer, convenience stores, drug stores, shopping centers, supermarkets, movie houses, hospitals, public transport terminals, hardware stores, and others are also included in the business establishment required to install CCTVs, Mamac said.

Private subdivisions will also be required to install cameras, according to the village chief.


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